Ships convert to the main destination for travelersThe new shipbuilding converts ships to the main destination for travelers. The proportions of the ships, huge with capacity to transport more than 6.000 passengers, the big offer of leisure, culture or sports makes that the passengers see in the ships their main destination, which gains every year more ground with trips at the ports.

The International Association of Cruise Lines (CLIA) tells that in fact the cruisers were previously used as a media of transport to reach a definite destination. Nowadays a lot of people find in their own boats the experience of these desired destinations.

The new ships offer an experience on board which you have never seen before with a lot of amenities for travelers, for example Broadway productions, designer shops and bumber cars.

Another of the key trends for the next year in this industry will be to personalize culturally the offer taking as a reference the manners and culture of their passengers. “The ships are fitted out to serve to its clients and pay homage to its ports having in mind the most popular preferences of shopping and restaurants”, explained in a revealing report.


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