Recycling Christmas

On December 16, 2011, in December tourism and offers, Merry Christmas, by S.J.H.

My previous posts have been on three different subjects, this brings all three together though unintentionally. Being against Christmas hype before December I was however looking forward to the traditional Christmas illumination of my home village. This year it’s not to be, political changes within the town halls of villages throughout Spain, not just locally, have made cut backs to the lighting budgets and have not put up Christmas lights as in past years. Although at first disappointed I am now convinced because as an alternative villages have made displays of recycled ‘trees’ these range from being made from painted tin cans plastic water bottles, used gun cartridges and old footballs, all of these in this case are situated throughout the village of Mijas and are well worth adding to a tour of the village. Most are of over 2.50 meters and are proving to be quite an attraction. Cleverly planned and executed by groups of locals of all ages they also enhance the feeling of community and joint effort at this time of year, showing the importance of recycling and the talents of the local people. Mijas has it’s ‘tapas’ route in the summer and now as a new addition a Christmas tree route which also encourages visitors to explore the whole village rather than just the main central areas.

If you do want to see some Christmas illuminations however then a visit to the center of Malaga is a must, the main Alameda Avenue and Calle Larios are beautifully decorated and evoke a traditional Christmas spirit. A stroll along the main avenue in the direction of the bullring will take you to the stalls set out especially for this season selling traditional childrens outfits and every kind of nativity accessories one can imagine to tempt you to make your own nativity scene at home, as well as gift ideas.

Happy Christmas one and all.


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