London Olympics 2012

LONDON, ENGLAND (03/JUL/2012) .- Responsible for 2012 London Olympics safety are facing a new problem to place anti-aircraft missiles on residential buildings roofs, residents have filed a lawsuit.

Those are Literal wording of the “” web site.

London.- Scotland Yard and British Marines coordinated an exercise to “familiarize” the officers and soldiers with fictional “catastrophe” scenarios work facing the Olympics Games, which begin on July 27.

(This news has been publishing on “RPP” Multisports).

That’s all very well, installation of missiles in buildings roofs, soldiers and police working together in the dummy test disaster scenarios etc.

But what about the “thieves in the street”?, Without going any further yesterday July 5t h we had a telephone call story firsthand by a customer who called us to temporarily cancel a car reservation, having suffered a losses caused by theft of her Handbag containing; purse, documentation, mobile, etc., etc., burglary happened in the heart of Piccadilly Circus when was quietly sitting on the café terrace with a friend. According to this person whose initials stand for RSRH, two Romanian origin individuals (nationality confirmed by her hours later), came up to her table and launched into the air a handful of mini pamphlets, enough to create confusion and nervousness feeling while shouting in a mixture of broken English, “Give me 50 pence” repeatedly and in an aggressive manners after they refused to attend the demand of these people, while the second individual with extreme speed taking advantage gained by the attention of his partner clean the table of objects already previewed before the act; The result was: “Thieves 1 Citizen 0″.

LondonIt turns out that Marble Arch, which is a central area of London has been invaded by a large group of Romanians settled in tents, just weeks before the Olympics, ¿”cultural tourism”? ¿”Sport tourism Lovers”? ……….., London authorities can do nothing, apparently indulgence and human rights protect them and the English are very defenders of those rights. But, what’s about the rest of the whole world?

Apparently they will have to install more cameras with facial recognition software in public places where they do not infringe the rights to privacy and catch the thieves of whatever they nationality are, in the act and with his hands in the dough, to restore security so we can enjoy the party in peace. Sorry for those who have already suffered attack of “Olimpiadacacos 2012″ (Olympic-burglary 2012 virus), which undoubtedly had been caught by surprise.

Go from CARGEST our sincere encouragement and support to all victims of these unfortunate incidents and we hope the collateral damage that are caused in events such as London 2012 will see minimized with the help of law enforcement.



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