Fitur 2018Andalusia will be presented at the 2018 edition of the International Tourism Fair (Fitur), which will be held in Madrid between 17 and 21 January, as a unique and comprehensive destination, and with a multi-segment offering integrated throughout the territory, announced today the Minister of Tourism and Sport, Francisco Javier Fernández, during the presentation in Malaga of the participation of the community in this event.

In this sense, Fernández stressed that “we have set out on this occasion that Andalusia stands out in Fitur because of the wide variety of its offer, which allows us to have the destination open 365 days a year, and reduce, as we are doing, the seasonality of our demand”, so that the axis for 2018 is that “it will be the year of the product and the tourism segment” for the community, he said.

The councillor said that at the Madrid event “we are going to demonstrate that Andalusia is not an unconnected set of territories, but an immense integral destination that groups together a multitude of different offerings, whose coexistence and complementarity make us a unique space in the global tourist scene”, besides that the presence of the region will have an important digital and technological component.

Thus, the Andalusian pavilion will be based on a new concept that aims to awaken the interest of the Spanish public, consolidate the destination in international markets, and facilitate business generation. As main characteristics, it has a completely renewed image and distribution, has an interactive and technological character, is 100% accessible and focuses on the segmented offer.

In this new stand, of 5,300 square meters,”come together five great ideas, five open spaces and interconnected,”as Fernández pointed out, to transfer the image of Andalusia as a unique and integral destination, represent the union of the offer through provincial boards of trustees, generate business contacts, respond to the concept of functionality, and disseminate products and key segments.

Plurality of the offer

The plurality of Andalusia “is going to be the main focus of attraction, without a doubt,” insisted the Minister, so the segments and tourism products “will be located, for the first time, in the heart of the pavilion. Through touch screens, LED projectors and simulators, visitors will have a unique representation of the Sun and Beach, Cultural, Nature, Golf, Snow and Andalusian Gastronomy offer.

This projection will not only be reflected in the centre of the stand, but will be visible from any point of the stand, and will be very present throughout the fair thanks to the various product presentations that will be made such as the cultural offer of Easter, Andalusian Geoparks, fairs and gastronomic events, or unique guides such as Islamic heritage and oil tourism, among others.

The pavilion also has general information points of the community, large touch screens to download information directly to mobile phones and eight counters that display the multi-provincial offer, among others. In this same space, there is the area dedicated to the big sporting events that will be held in the community in 2018 and the project’ Andalusia, Your Roots’ will have a special presence.

Business Generation

As far as the generation of contacts and business, the exhibitor houses a professional area, with several working tables where Andalusian businessmen will be able to serve their customers and suppliers. In addition, the eight Provincial Tourist Boards will have their own space of 320 metres each to reinforce the idea of an integrated destination and present their products.

The Andalusian space will also be able to enjoy the most innovative digital marketing content in which the Regional Ministry works, with proposals such as immersive capsules with 360-degree images of the destination, areas of interaction in social networks, geoportals or facial coding tools, which show visitors in a virtual way the experiences they will be able to feel when they approach the community.

Another characteristic of the stand is a set of multipurpose spaces that adapt to the needs of the moment and will change their function, to offer tastings of Andalusian products, to attend to the young and children’s audiences who come during Saturday and Sunday, for institutional and leisure presentations, and for the programming of weekend performances.

Finally, in order to achieve a greater impact of Andalusia’s passage through Fitur, a communication campaign will be developed specifically designed for the occasion on various advertising media located in strategic areas of the IFEMA enclosure, from the corridors of access to the palace of fairs, to the accreditations that are given to each visitor, and that will invite the public attending to approach the stand.


We can already make conclusions of the first part of the summer. The latest hotel occupancy data for the month of June shows an increase of overnight stays (1.9%) and travelers (4%) over the same period last year, which was already a record.

The occupation increased by three points, reaching 71.9%. But there is a big difference between foreign and national tourists: the first are generating all the growth while the national tourist decreases like last year: 10% in travelers and 16% in overnight stays.

This decrease can occur due to several factors:

  • Economic growth causes natives to allow international travel
  • The boom of tourist apartments
  • Hotel price increase(Between 10 and 15%)


On the other hand, this increase implies a growth in employment(9,8%). Summer can be a great help for people who haven’t found work during the rest of the year. The disadvantage is that these jobs are precarious and may not be enough for many families.

The forecasts for the rest of the summer are optimistic. It is expected to reach 7 million visitors and a hotel occupancy of 90%.



Andalusian airports accounted for 12,137,375 in a total of 124,915 operations in the first half of the year, which means a growth of almost 12% compared to 2016.

Málaga’s Costa del Sol airport has increased its numbers during the first months of last year. According to Aena, Malaga airport grew by 12.5%, specifically 8,394,937 travelers traveled on 62,468 flights.

Most of the passengers traveled on international flights, particularly 7,252,943 were responsible for a 15% increase in international flights compared to 2016. These data demonstrate the tourist importance of Malaga internationally.

This is a further boost in tourism on the Costa del Sol. As every year, Malaga has surpassed itself in this area and once again it have demonstrate that it is a leading city in Spain.

Especially, during these months of increased tourist activity, from CARGEST we work hard to be able to offer the best possible service to the travelers who bet on our company.









Malaga airport hits record of flightsBy the end of this year 2016, Malaga airport will close the number of arrivals with a 14.1% increase, which means a total of 58,000 flight arrivals. This represents an increase of 7,000 operations compared to 2015.

These figures place the airport of Málaga – Costa del Sol as the second in increase of arrivals, only surpassed by the one of Almería, that will register an increase of 18.6%. The airports of Jerez de la Frontera (3.9%) and Seville (3.2%) follow it further.

It is worth mentioning the high concentration of the share of passengers that will be concentrated in the airports of Malaga and Seville, capturing the share of the five Andalusian airports. Also noteworthy is the greater push of international connections, which will grow by 16.4% in the case of flights from the EU and 15.9% in foreign countries, compared to the 1.3% increase estimated in operations from other Spanish airports.

If all these forecasts are confirmed, it will be the third consecutive year of growth.

Andalucia Tourism

Andalucia Tourism

The proceeding counts with a trailer which will tour in the morning the main attractions in each city

The Ministry of Tourism will start next week a traveling promotion which supports to bring the region closer to the inhabitants of the eight provincial capitals to promote the internal tourism in this region.

The campaign, which will begin on Monday in Almería, is mainly directed to the end consumer and it is further supported by workshops between Andalusian companies and local travel agencies in each of the cities.

The promotion which is addressed to the national market is one of the strategic objectives of the Action Plan for this year of the Public Company for Management of Tourism and Sports of Andalusia, and the community itself is the main broadcasting station of tourists.

In 2015 nearly 5 million of Andalusian travelers toured in the community and had more than 11 million overnight stays in hotels, which means 46.6 percent of the 23.6 million overnight stays generated by Spanish tourists.

The proceeding counts with a trailer which will tour in the morning the main attractions of each city and in the afternoon it will be at a centric place of the city to produce visitors emotions, the way that “they invite you to turn into reality”, according to the Ministry.


The coastline of the capital is ready for the beginning of the processions after it had started the beach services which will totally work during the days of “Semana Santa”. The staff counts with around 70 person, among them lifeguards and maintenance, cleaning and gardening personnel.

Semana Santa

The Lifesaving service began last Saturday with the installation of towers on the beaches of Guadalmar, Misericordia, San Andrés, Malagueta, Caleta Pedregalejo, el Palo and Dedo.

Furthermore it counts with aquatic support which consists in two boats with its staff and an ambulance car. In total 12 persons will work in this area.

On the other side 5 operators work with the objective to guarantee the good condition of the furniture of beaches, restrooms, showers and runways.

The beach areas have enabled four boats which will proceed to the collection of floating solid waste and will operate 8 hours a day during the days of “Semana Santa” and all weekends until the 1st of June. Since then maintenance will be daily.

The website of the City hall has established an automated system for processing requests of night beach parties. Furthermore there is an application called Gecor,

with a section dedicated to beaches for incident management and maintenance of installations. As well there is an application for cell phones, which is called “Playas de Málaga” in which there is offered various beach information.


World Tourism OrganizationOn the 9th and 11th of may the capital of the Costa del Sol, Malaga, will host the 103rd celebration of the Executive Council of the World Tourism Organization. There will come nearly 300 experts from all over the world to the meeting, among them ministers, state secretaries, ambassadors, business executives and representatives of institutions involved in tourism planning. More than 40 countries will be represented. The idea of celebrating this important meeting in Málaga was raised on the last World Travel Market fair (WTM) of London and was ratified on the 8th of February in the City Hall of Málaga with the signature of a cooperation agreement which was signed by the state secretary of tourism, the City Hall of Málaga and Tourism and Planning of the Costa del Sol. The general secretary of the OMT, Mr. Taleb Rifai was present as well when signing the contracts.

The Executive Council of the OMT has the mission to adopt, in consultation with the general secretary, all necessary arrangements for the compliance of their own decisions and resolutions of the General Assembly, informing him about his doings. It is definitely the most important part of the government between assemblies of this organism of the United Nations.

The mayor of Málaga, Mr. Francisco de la Torre, thanked the Government and the own World Tourism Organization for choosing Málaga to shelter this meeting. Its celebration offers a perfect opportunity to tourism experts from all over the world to see the great touristic and cultural transformation which had this destination.

There were previously celebrated several thematic meetings of the OMT in Málaga, but never the meeting of its highest governing body. The favorable position of the general secretary of the OMT itself has been instrumental in the election of Malaga.


The Commonwealth, the Axarquía, Onda Azul and Manuel Camacho Doors as well distinguished

The Faculty of Tourism awards the Qualifica, the Hammam and the golf

On the 27th of January 2016 the Faculty of Tourism wanted to acknowledge the labor which was done in the last year by important personalities and organizations linked to the sectors, in some of the branches where the activity is divided, which includes the training, promotion and employability. The distinctions which were handed over by the dean of the center, Mr. Antonio Guevera, who was accompanied by the new Vice Chancellor of Institutional Policy, Mr. Juan Antonio Garcia Galindo, reward in the first place the consortium Qualifica, the organization established in 2007 to renovate and improve the Costa del Sol, which already received another homage from the guild recently during the last edition of Fitur. In this occasion the honors come to mind of their input to the research and the discovery of new itineraries of advance for the industry. The Minister of Tourism and Sports, Mr. Francisco Javiér Fernández collected the award on behalf of the organization.

Together with the Qualifica, the Hammam Al Andalus of Málaga were also rewardes because of their encouragement of employability. Onda Azul because of its diffusion of the sector, the management of external projects of the Association of the townships of  Axarquía for their institutional cooperation and the Royal Federation of Golf for their support for education. The center, which celebrated last year its 20 years existence, also acknowledged its former student Mr. Manuel Camacho Puertas (manager of the Hotel TH Torrequebrada) and its best records of the year: Mr. José Manuel Ruz González, Mrs. Ana María Esturillo Ruiz and Mrs. Clara Márquez.


Malaga airportBetween January and November of this year the airline has transported 1.121.247 passengers in Málaga.

The airline Norwegian started to operate connecting flights through the airport of Málaga, which will allow passengers making stops of 45 minutes at the airport.

According to a statement the company, which counts with 17 routes in Málaga – 2 national ones and 15 international ones – , will offer up to 95 possible combination flights between Spain, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, United Kingdom, Poland and Germany through the Costa del Sol.

Between January and November of this year Norwegian has transported 1.121.247 passengers in Málaga, 12 % more than during the same period of the last year and it will expect to close the year 2015 with more than 1,2 million of passengers in the Costa del Sol.

The commercial general manager of Norwegian, called Thomas Ramdahl, has foregrounded the wide experience of the company in the operational network, with connection flights to different Scandinavian airports and as well to London Gatwick.

Together with Málaga the airports of Madrid and Barcelona will start to offer transit of passengers between flights of Norwegian as well.


Ships convert to the main destination for travelersThe new shipbuilding converts ships to the main destination for travelers. The proportions of the ships, huge with capacity to transport more than 6.000 passengers, the big offer of leisure, culture or sports makes that the passengers see in the ships their main destination, which gains every year more ground with trips at the ports.

The International Association of Cruise Lines (CLIA) tells that in fact the cruisers were previously used as a media of transport to reach a definite destination. Nowadays a lot of people find in their own boats the experience of these desired destinations.

The new ships offer an experience on board which you have never seen before with a lot of amenities for travelers, for example Broadway productions, designer shops and bumber cars.

Another of the key trends for the next year in this industry will be to personalize culturally the offer taking as a reference the manners and culture of their passengers. “The ships are fitted out to serve to its clients and pay homage to its ports having in mind the most popular preferences of shopping and restaurants”, explained in a revealing report.