World Tourism OrganizationOn the 9th and 11th of may the capital of the Costa del Sol, Malaga, will host the 103rd celebration of the Executive Council of the World Tourism Organization. There will come nearly 300 experts from all over the world to the meeting, among them ministers, state secretaries, ambassadors, business executives and representatives of institutions involved in tourism planning. More than 40 countries will be represented. The idea of celebrating this important meeting in Málaga was raised on the last World Travel Market fair (WTM) of London and was ratified on the 8th of February in the City Hall of Málaga with the signature of a cooperation agreement which was signed by the state secretary of tourism, the City Hall of Málaga and Tourism and Planning of the Costa del Sol. The general secretary of the OMT, Mr. Taleb Rifai was present as well when signing the contracts.

The Executive Council of the OMT has the mission to adopt, in consultation with the general secretary, all necessary arrangements for the compliance of their own decisions and resolutions of the General Assembly, informing him about his doings. It is definitely the most important part of the government between assemblies of this organism of the United Nations.

The mayor of Málaga, Mr. Francisco de la Torre, thanked the Government and the own World Tourism Organization for choosing Málaga to shelter this meeting. Its celebration offers a perfect opportunity to tourism experts from all over the world to see the great touristic and cultural transformation which had this destination.

There were previously celebrated several thematic meetings of the OMT in Málaga, but never the meeting of its highest governing body. The favorable position of the general secretary of the OMT itself has been instrumental in the election of Malaga.


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