Malaga Fair 2012

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Feria Malaga

Another year Malaga city prepares to celebrate its annual festival, which is known as the “largest fair in Southern Europe”.

Feria MalagaFrom August the 11th to 19th Malaga’s population leave aside the daily working stresses routine life and begin to enjoy it, traditionally fair lovers dedicate throughout the year big saving time not to be deprived on their festivities week. Even in crisis times, a nice walk through the day fair installed as usual in Málaga historic center, is enjoyable without unnecessary expense.

Colorful fantasies decoration fills the Historical center, striking scenery and lights, beautiful women wearing flamenco costumes crowed the streets with joy in a good festive ambient.

Malaga is an open city and welcome any visitor who comes, be cognizant of its festivity or not, nobody is a stranger in this land, the nature already of Malaga citizen are open, affable, communicator people, definitions of character and personality which is the 50% of good feeling and connection between visitors and Málaga natives, the other fifty percent is ” the Beauty of Malaga” influence.

Feria MalagaFeria MalagaActivities for everyone from 12.00 hours noon to 19.00 pm in the city centre, where friends and family meet for an enjoyable festive day, dancing, walking, listening to music, watch shows, bullfight etc.; At the same day hours at the fair ground (Cortijo de Torres) area, a route journey well signposted, distance covered with urban buses lines and large parking areas for those who prefer to drive, visitors can enjoy watching horseback riding, carriages typical adorned from head to toe as both the coach and the horsemen noble animals, spectacle worth watching and very entertaining, in the main streets of the “Real” (name given to the fair area) an obligated visit to the fair sheds to refresh and restore strength with the great variety of tapas and fried fish dishes as well as other regular restaurant menu.

And for the youngest one from 20.00 hours, there are endless attractions to ride and enjoy them together with mum and dad. This area of the fair is usually the most visited by youngest teenager and not so young people after the sunrise when the afternoon could down a little bit, usually the fairground do not close, it is up to each attraction activity, regular stop time after from 04.00/05,00 hours in the morning as the visitor is withdrawn to rest. And back again in a few hours.

Feria Malaga


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