Reflection of a local car rental company at the beginning of the summer season been the sector affected by crisis of its country within a global economic crisis.

Fall car rental

Phrase, which makes tremble the bravest at this time, been.


Who would have thought that phrase and under what circumstance? We already think of some actions and visibly apparent behavior today’s
day, on the battle to be the “winner” they are climbing up very rapidly.

It is nothing wrong working hard to aim market share and better company position within the international tourist industry, in fact its compulsory for companies manager to try and do so, but, what price are we prepared to pay for it.

Companies do get rewards and mentions on business magazine when they progress and highlight on an appropriate logical way.

Sometimes it would be good to have a government executive committee to investigate companies economic projects, some of them to be call ghost project, sometimes projects comes disguised with garbage contracts jobs to hide the real purpose of such project.

No one buys products for 10p. And afterward and for an endless period of time sales them for 5p. We all know how powerful MONEY is, we also know that this country big fortunes are cautious and always a step ahead of the economical market situations news, ¡they all ways
play safe!.
Though sometimes there are real motorways invisible to the law eyes, which are routes for
submerged investment and interest pickup.

Judge yourself…………

From a deepest sincerity of those that with very little…. we get much, continue encouraging local companies to keep up their faithful work PRINCIPLES on sector benefit and the necessary efforts for the travel industry to enjoy and trust our professional and personal treatment to which we thanks faithfulness.


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