Malaga airport

Malaga airport closed the first half of the year with more than 8.6 million passengers, an increase of 3.1%. From Aena they detailed that the upward trend has continued in June, a period in which this infrastructure has added more than 1.9 million passengers, representing a growth of 1.2%. From January to June, 64,760 flights operated on the runways of this airport facility, a volume that represents a 3.7% increase in activity.

At the beginning of the year, there was greater national dynamism, despite the fact that the vast majority of passengers were on international connections, specifically, 7,350,034. This figure represents an increase of 1.3%, compared with a 13.2% increase in passenger arrivals on flights between Spanish cities, which moved 12,789 operations, i.e. 18% more

Fantastic news for Malaga tourism!


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