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On October 15, 2013, in Flamenco, Malaga City, by admin

Flamenco with KelipeIf you have or have not previously visited Spain before and have not had the chance to see an authentic show, Kelipé is the place to go. A vibrant atmosphere and an evening full of passion, Kelipé delivers an outstanding Flamenco show with plenty of natural improvisation. The show takes place in an impressive 18th Century former Palace Cropani, traditional in its Spanish style and welcoming to all those who visit. The group is made up of a foursome of inspirational dancers, singer & guitarist. With powerful music and impressive energy, the evening is packed full of talent and power as the group take you back to the very beginning of the Flamenco era. One of the best things about Kelipé and one that really sets it apart from other Flamenco shows, is the ‘family feel’ that comes with it. The group ensure that visitors have the best experience by being as close and personal as they can throughout the evening. The low key setting adds to the atmosphere and allows the audience to become fully involved in the history and sentiment of Flamenco. Kelipé is a special evening, perfect as a couple or as a family looking for a show not to appeal to the Spanish tourist, but to view an insight into the true spirit of Flamenco. In addition to the show and the main feature of the evening, the ticket includes one drink and tapas of your choice. If more of these are required there is also a bar and a selection of tapas available throughout. The owner, who happens to also be the organiser and guitarist of the evening describes the objective of the show as ‘to promote the traditional values, related to the songs, dances and Flamenco guitar. We want to convey the feeling and flavour of Flamenco through our performances, teaching, research, and recuperate the deep understanding of this art and culture’.

Aside from the shows that take place throughout the week, the foursome also provide the opportunity to take part in classes and workshops. The goal of the Kelipé classes is to show the essence of the art through five factors – percussion, guitar, rhythm, song and dance. A night to truly involve yourself in the culture of Spain, the group encourage the audience to praise, applaud and cheer during the performances. By the end of the evening, it will feel like you are simply a part of a close Spanish family. Although they are made up of such a small group, they have toured across the globe with their spirited show, with visits to art companies, musicians, language schools, business groups international universities and more. A hospitable group with much culture to offer, the evening is unlike any other. A show praised by all who have visited and an inspirational night of passion & interpretation, this is an experience not to be missed. Kelipé Flamenco shows take part every Thursday at €20 per ticket, Friday at €25 per ticket and Saturday at €35 per ticket. It is located at the Kelipé Centro de Arte Flamenco, deep in the heart of Malaga city. Just visit their website for more information.


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