Malaga is preparing for the beginning of Christmas. With less than a week to go before the inauguration of the Christmas lighting in the city, the Councillor for Fiestas, Teresa Porras, has revealed the most important details of the next party.

The Christmas lighting will open on Friday 30 November. The light and sound showed on the recent years will be repeated on Larios Street. In addition, the people from Malaga who attend the party will be able to interact with the music as 10,000 light bars will be distributed.

New timetables and music
The City Council has scheduled for this year three passes of lights for the enjoy of all people. On this occasion the passes will be made at 18.30, 20 and 21.30 hours. The shows will be animated by the songs ‘Rondo veniziano-Zodiaco’, ‘Rondo veneziano-Musica fantasía’, ‘Villancico altozano’, Café Quijano and ‘Cosas de la Navidad’, children’s songs by Raúl Charlo.

Main news
This year the city will have a Christmas tree that will be accessible in the Plaza de la Constitución and another with technological elements in the Plaza de la Marina. It will change its colors thanks to a new LED technology system that will also allow you to represent Christmas motifs. In addition, this year four new ones will be illuminated in the surroundings of Eugenio Chicano Square and Santa María Street.

Inaugural Party
The lights will turn on Friday 30 at 19 hours, but from an hour before there will be a children’s show in the Plaza de las Flores by Peneque el Valiente. In addition, during the afternoon will be distributed among the smallest 1,000 balloons with inscriptions allusive to Christmas. Afterwards there will be a concert by the group The Gafapastas.

New motifs
This year, the lighting in the emblematic areas of the city will have 2,062,104 energy-efficient LED light points. A vault with 2,630 microled cords, two domes and 24 porticoes with windows, stained glass windows and cathedral-type rosettes has been installed on Larios Street. In addition to the new trees, 140 bird motifs will also be premiered this year in the Plaza de la Merced, four new balls in the Plaza de Torrijos and new lighting models in the streets Granada, Molina Lario, Cárcer and Casapalma, Centro Histórico, Soho, Marqués de Larios and the side of the Alameda Principal.

More investment
Illuminate the Historical Center is an investment of 733,211 euros, about 60,000 euros more than last year, as the tree in the Plaza de la Marina will be funded by the City Council itself (until last year was sponsored).


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