Eurocup 2012 - Polonia y Ucrania
Euro 2012 Championship in its fourteenth edition will be played in Poland and Ukraine, June 8th will be the start date of the competition and its closure will take place on July 1st.
Spain has the responsibility to defend the title, enthusiasm is not lacking in the country, we are all in with the “reds” despite strong doubts as a result of physical low fitness and injury of some of the first team players, but still, despite negative sport specialists commentators opinions, all Spanish football lovers will be dreaming as everybody else, winning the cup.

The illusion and, why not! The ambition of being the first country to win a EURO cup twice consecutively EURO CUP – WORLD CUP – EURO CUP.

Well here is where most of the time people wakes up of a beautiful dream and return to reality… It has been only a beautiful dream.
Well ….Who knows!

But something that is in our hand and in hands of all the fans of this sport around the world is the desire and spread in headlines:

You are playing to compete and compete to win and be the best,
But, FAIR PLAY to all

Good luck to all and wish to win who better disserved.

Euro 2012 Poland and Ukraine


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