Cargest has on offer a last minute for its registered clients, a discount of 10% on any reservations made now for the Christmas period. There are no advanced petrol charges you only pay for what you consume.

Christmas discount

Our gift a 10% Christmas discount

We are also offering top brand ladies and gents golf equipment hire at a weekly rate of 24 Euros, both left and right handed sets are available, so you can travel without the excess weight of clubs.

To take advantage of this offer simply inform us when you book your car rental that you have seen this advert and that you are claiming your discount. We will apply it directly to your booking.


4 Responses to Christmas offer

  1. P. Kent says:

    It is a shame that I can not benefit from 10% discount because I’m not travelling to your city for Christmas .
    As an incentive to book a car with you it is not a bad offer, if is possible to get the discount in March then I probably book a car.
    But prices it’s not all, what I really care is services. What kind of service do you give?
    Are your cars reliable?
    Do you have a professional team to back up your service?
    For me that is the best publicity that you can call out for increasing your clientele.

    • admin says:

      Dear P. Kent, thank you for use our blog and for your comment. We are sorry that you can not make it on Christmas season it is a very nice date to enjoy our costums while you are on holiday. How ever we are please to extend the offer of 10% until your next trip on March, which we will confirm it to you as soon as we recieve your reservation. Please do mention the reference of this Blog comment.
      We also would like to invete you to navigate through our site, to learn about us.
      Again thank you for your comment and posible future booking
      Yours sincerilly

  2. Ardis says:

    Quality information, I will be browsing back on a regular to hunt for upgrades.

  3. says:

    Howdy, this is a good posting. You get my vote for Christmas offer and I am going to bookmark this website now.

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