Algeciras (Cádiz)

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Located in the southern part of Europe, Algeciras is the key point of maritime communication routes between the Mediterranean and Atlantic. Its port, the most important in Spain, supports nearly 90% of the traffic with the African continent.

Its name comes from the Arabic al-Hadra Yazirat the “green island”, the island that was off the coast. It could also come from Al yesair (“islands”). This name was given in 711 by the first Muslims arrived in the Iberian Peninsula.

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On the shores of a bay facing the Rock of Gibraltar is Algeciras. From the Arabic Al-Yacirat-Aljadra meaning Green Island, Algeciras was in Muslim hands until 1342, when Alfonso XI conquers Algeciras.

Twenty years later, Mohamed V, King of Granada, abandoned Algeciras after the reconquest, but completely devastated. In 1704, coinciding with the loss of Gibraltar, the city returns to be populated by many of those who left the Rock. Algeciras, for centuries, maintained a great strategic importance as a shipping port between Africa and Spain.

In 1755, Algeciras establish its first council after getting segregated from San Roque council, and barely a hundred years later, in 1850, the city had all the characteristic features that predicted a future human settlement. Algeciras had become a Military Headquarters and had a civil hospital, the aqueduct was built that provided them with drinking water, and had three churches. Steps were also taken to build a port.

Currently the port is one of the largest in the Mediterranean, both in fisheries and transport of goods and passengers. All this has made a modern city of Algeciras and constantly evolving.


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