The coincidence of three cruise ships of luxury companies left yesterday about a thousand high-level tourists in the capital. Most of the passengers of the’Wind Star’,'Ocean Majesty’ and’Seadream II’ spent the day at the Centre. Although among the three of them, the number of passengers is much lower than that of the mega cruise ships that regularly call at the port, this type of passenger is highly coveted due to its high purchasing power.

The most striking is the’WindStar’, a four-masted sailboat that was moored yesterday in terminal A of the Levante dock. Wind Star’ is a North American company, will visit the docks of the capital 17 times during the year, with four of the six ships that make up its fleet, according to data provided by the Port Authority. This shipping company has increased its presence in Malaga in recent years, and it was precisely one of its ships (the’Wind Surf’) that inaugurated the Palmeral terminal on Pier 2 in 2012.

Like the’Wind Star’, the’Ocean Majesty’ was in transit yesterday, and for this reason it docked at the aforementioned terminal, which is the most comfortable for travellers due to its proximity to the Historic Quarter. It is the only ship currently owned by the Majestic International Cruises, based in Greece. He’ll be back in September.

The’Seadream II’ was in base port, which means that it carried out disembarkation and embarkation operations for passengers. The shipping company, of the same name, has its headquarters in Oslo, although its products are also mainly aimed at American passengers. In 2018 he will visit the city on six occasions, all in basic conditions.

To top off the list, the luxury megayacht’Lady Sura’, which arrived on Tuesday from Puerto Banus, was also in dock 2 yesterday. His current ownership has not been disclosed. It is on a technical scale in the Malaga port area. It has a length of 50 meters and a capacity for twelve passengers, who travel accompanied by as many crew members. The interior design is the work of Patrick Knowles, one of the most prestigious designers in the trade. It was built in 2012 and has a maximum speed of 19 knots (11 knots at cruising speed), according to the data available on the company’s website.

Cruise ship activity is developing at a good pace in 2018, after a good first quarter, with a 50% increase in cruise ship passengers (54,400 tourists on board 26 ships). February was the best month, with almost three times as many users as the previous year (12,052). Last April 26th, five boats coincided, which made it the day so far this year with a greater number of ships, with a movement of nearly 6,000 visitors.

Without a doubt, all this is fantastic news for the growing tourism in Malaga.