The coastline of the capital is ready for the beginning of the processions after it had started the beach services which will totally work during the days of “Semana Santa”. The staff counts with around 70 person, among them lifeguards and maintenance, cleaning and gardening personnel.

Semana Santa

The Lifesaving service began last Saturday with the installation of towers on the beaches of Guadalmar, Misericordia, San Andrés, Malagueta, Caleta Pedregalejo, el Palo and Dedo.

Furthermore it counts with aquatic support which consists in two boats with its staff and an ambulance car. In total 12 persons will work in this area.

On the other side 5 operators work with the objective to guarantee the good condition of the furniture of beaches, restrooms, showers and runways.

The beach areas have enabled four boats which will proceed to the collection of floating solid waste and will operate 8 hours a day during the days of “Semana Santa” and all weekends until the 1st of June. Since then maintenance will be daily.

The website of the City hall has established an automated system for processing requests of night beach parties. Furthermore there is an application called Gecor,

with a section dedicated to beaches for incident management and maintenance of installations. As well there is an application for cell phones, which is called “Playas de Málaga” in which there is offered various beach information.