Malaga airportBetween January and November of this year the airline has transported 1.121.247 passengers in Málaga.

The airline Norwegian started to operate connecting flights through the airport of Málaga, which will allow passengers making stops of 45 minutes at the airport.

According to a statement the company, which counts with 17 routes in Málaga – 2 national ones and 15 international ones – , will offer up to 95 possible combination flights between Spain, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, United Kingdom, Poland and Germany through the Costa del Sol.

Between January and November of this year Norwegian has transported 1.121.247 passengers in Málaga, 12 % more than during the same period of the last year and it will expect to close the year 2015 with more than 1,2 million of passengers in the Costa del Sol.

The commercial general manager of Norwegian, called Thomas Ramdahl, has foregrounded the wide experience of the company in the operational network, with connection flights to different Scandinavian airports and as well to London Gatwick.

Together with Málaga the airports of Madrid and Barcelona will start to offer transit of passengers between flights of Norwegian as well.


Ships convert to the main destination for travelersThe new shipbuilding converts ships to the main destination for travelers. The proportions of the ships, huge with capacity to transport more than 6.000 passengers, the big offer of leisure, culture or sports makes that the passengers see in the ships their main destination, which gains every year more ground with trips at the ports.

The International Association of Cruise Lines (CLIA) tells that in fact the cruisers were previously used as a media of transport to reach a definite destination. Nowadays a lot of people find in their own boats the experience of these desired destinations.

The new ships offer an experience on board which you have never seen before with a lot of amenities for travelers, for example Broadway productions, designer shops and bumber cars.

Another of the key trends for the next year in this industry will be to personalize culturally the offer taking as a reference the manners and culture of their passengers. “The ships are fitted out to serve to its clients and pay homage to its ports having in mind the most popular preferences of shopping and restaurants”, explained in a revealing report.


It will show to 500 professionals of the sector the possibilities of this tourist segment in the region.

The Ministry of Tourism and Sports will announce in a promotional campaign the Andalusian golf offer to around 500 representatives of the tourist sector and potential clients of this segment of Argentina to boost the broadcasting of destination in the Latin American market.

Andalusia promotes its golf offer

Andalusia promotes its golf offer

This initiative which will take place in the Argentinian city Cordoba in collaboration with Turespaña from 27 to 29 of November has, according to a note from the Ministry of Tourism and Sports, as a first objective the celebration of a championship in which there will be a directly contact with regular players.

Through this event the Andalusian delegation will have the opportunity to reach about 170 professionals and managers of specialized communication media to show them a presentation about the attractions of the community to practice this sport.

Later the gala award ceremony of the championship will count with the presence of five hundred guests and will be themed with Andalusian elements, for example the acting of a Flamenco picture and tickets for region trips which can be wined. The objective of this ceremony is to boost the amount of Argentinian travelers of this community.

Pursuant to the dates of the Inquiry of Tourist Movements in Borders (Frontur) the Latin American market contributed to the region over 150,000 tourists during the past year of 2014, 35.3 percent more than in the year before. Furthermore the entrance of tourists from this transmitter has increased another 4,5 percent in the period from January to July of the present year of 2015.