“I´am glad” disappears from Facebook

On November 9, 2015, in facebook, by admin

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The Social Network has decided to remove on of its options which it started to use just one month ago with “Reactions”.

I love it”, “I enjoy it,” “It amazes me,” “I am sad” and “I feel angry” stay active.

Facebook has decided that a publication, a picture or a text doesn´t liven up anymore your day. Without any explications the social network has decided to eliminate on of its options which it started to use just one month ago with “Reactions”.

The alternative to “I don´t like it” which was invented by Mark Zuckerberg started last month, October 2015. It is an extension users can express their feelings with, for example “It amuses me,” “I’m amazed,” “I am sad,” “I feel angry” and “Glad” until now.

There were the users themselves who noticed that Facebook has removed this option. Those who haven´t noticed this yet can check it. Just click and hold the botton “I like” so that the menu of “Reactions” open up. You will see all the emoticons of the described emotions, but “I´m glad” is not there anymore.

We remember you that “Reactions” is an option which is in the pilot phase as ensured Facebook in October during its publication.

In fact the social red pointed out that there could be possible improvement carried out before its worldwide publication as only Spain and Ireland have that possibility at the moment.

That`s why it is quite probable that Facebook has analyzed the use of the botton “I´m glad” between users. Therefore the social red decided to eliminate it one day after “Twitter” had said “Bye, bye” to its classic favorites and had replaced it by the “I like it” in form of a heart.