Nobel prize
The Swede Thomas Lindahl, the American Paul Modric and the Turkish Aziz Sancar win the Chemistry Nobel Prize.

The Swed Thomas Linhal, the American Paul Modric and the Turkish Aziz Sancar wone yesterday, on the 7th of October 2015 the Chemistry Nobel Prize for having discovered the “toolbox” which uses the cell for repairing the DNA as mentioned by a spokesman of the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences.

“Their work has brought us an essential knowledge of the vital functions of cells and it is used, for example, for developing new cancer treatments”, told the academy.

The three researchers received the third part of the prize for developing a molecular-scale map of the different methods which exists in each of our cells to find and deleate errors in the genetic code. This is one of the functions which saves us to suffer mutations which could cause cancer and other illnesses.

Mr. Thomas Lindahl works at the Francis Crick Institute and the Clare Hall Laboratory in the United Kingdom of England. Mr. Modric works at the Howard Hughes Medical Institute and the Duke University in the United States of America. Mr. Sancar works at the University of South Carolina, in the United States of America.


Costa del Sol IFTMTourism Costa del Sol had fifty appointments at the fair to step up cultural tourism, of indoor and of sun and beach. Improvement of the management of seasonality is very important in promotion of tourism, which was held in Paris. The Costa del Sol took part in the International French Travel Market (IFTM), which was held in Paris on the 29th of September.

In these four days of the fair, the Costa del Sol presented itself to the professionals from all over the world as a great destination and able to satisfy the motivations of tourists during the whole year. It has not only intensified the cultural holiday and leisure segment, traditionally known as sun and beach, but also the segment of culture and activities of indoor and nature.

The president of Costa del Sol Tourism, Elias Bendodo, said that the most important fair of France was very useful for keep gaining the main challenges of destination: the improvement of the management of seasonality. Furthermore Bendodo brought out the “excellent situation” of the French market this year. Between January and August, there was registered an increase of 13,6 % in travelers which come from this country staying in hotels and tourist apartments of the region and as well an increase of 12.4% in arrivals at Malaga airport Costa del Sol.

Businessmen of the region
The IFTM, with a strong professional character, has counted as well with the presence of tourism businessmen of the region, one of them was the Costa del Sol which had around fifty appointments with tour operators, agencies and tourism companies.

Most of the visitors of the fair are from France (87%). From them 37% belong to travel agencies, 16% are marketing or product managers and 12%, event managers. And the main focus for visitors is the holiday tourism.