Fernando AlonsoFernando Alonso finished in third place in the Brazilian Grand Prix on Sunday 24th, after being pipped to the higher podium stands by unsurprising the Red Bull drivers, Sebastian Vettel and Mark Webber. The Red Bull team have conquered the season this year, but Alonso says he is happy with his final position.

Hours after claiming that he had no chance of winning, he said ‘A podium is the best way to end this long season. Finishing behind two Red Bulls almost tastes like a victory, as well as being the maximum we could have done today’. The Ferrari driver and twice World Champion went on to say ‘I like winning, but one has to be realistic; we don’t have much chance’.

The team had hoped that the day would see rain throughout the race, giving them the chance to switch to intermediates in the second half of the 71 lap Brazilian Grand Prix, however the chance never came. Alonso stated that ‘It was a difficult race for everyone, but unfortunately the rain didn’t come: I think we were more competitive in wet conditions but again, it seems as if it’s going to rain in any moment but it didn’t. It was a shame for us but at least we’re in the podium, so ending the season on a high and hopefully for next year we start with a completely new direction and a positive trend.’

Unsurprisingly, Vettel has secured pole position for the race and raced without pressure, after already securing his fourth World Championship in India last month. Vettel’s teammate Webber also took home a second place final stand, after declaring his retirement from the sport. The race saw a close battle between Webber and Alonso, with Webber having to twice pass the Spaniard, who he regularly named ‘The Spanish Lion’, to move into second place. Both careers have spanned the same amount of races, Alonso revealing that he will miss racing against the Australian. He mentioned that ‘It was nice to be the man batting with Mark in the last race, we were chatting on the podium about this’.

Alonso has been under pressure recently regarding his position with Mercedes, especially after his team mate Massa has lost his standing due to a bad performance overall for the yea r. However Team principal Stefano Domenicali called it “a wonderful race for Fernando” and an example of “a very aggressive Ferrari” which hopefully will pay dividends if carried through to the 2014 season. The plans for the future of Alonso and Ferrari are already underway as they strive to find a way to beat Red Bull in the next season next year.


Moto GPThe three Spanish World Champions of the MotoGP™, Moto2™ and Moto3™ all made their way to Madrid on Thursday 21st November to receive a Congratulations from the Prime Minister. Mar Marquez, Pol Espagaro and Maverick Viñales met with Mariano Rajoy where he proceeded to commend the ‘hard work and dedication’ that the riders have put into their season, resulting in all three championships being won by the Spaniards. The trio have been dubbed ‘unbeatable’ as they each won the titles with their respective teams, Repsol Honda, Tuenti HP 40 and Team Calvo.

The trio welcomed the meeting with the Prime Minister, who made his pride known for the three riders, commenting that these major titles are an ‘incentive and example to all’. Rajoy then turned directly to the riders and stated that ‘many millions of happy Spanish people dedicate their free time on Sundays to see how you win’. Whilst highly praising the efforts of these leading sportsmen, Rajoy also applauded the dedication and commitment of the teams and the managers, with whom without the riders would have been unable to achieve such success in the three championships. He stated that ‘it is a matter of equipment, nobody can do anything alone, in any facet of life – something I am sure these champions know very well’. Both Marquez and Viñales clinched their titles within the individual MotoGP™ and Moto3™ championships in the finale, held at Valencia on the 10th November, while Epargaro sealed his win in the Moto2™ two weeks before the final race and the end of the 2013 season. This has been a first win for Marquez, and a delight to his neighbours in Cervera, Lleida, as they took to the streets in celebration of the return of the new MotoGP™ champion. As the Repsol rider descended upon the town, his name and number were painted everywhere it could be, giving him the welcome he truly deserved after his fantastic win. The fans came together to make history of the celebrations, as they previously did in 2010 for Marquez’ win of the 125 World Championship and his Moto2™ title which took place last year. The champion was accompanied by his brother, Alex who is also the Moto3 Rookie of the Year, in a press conference before being paraded through the streets of Cervera in an open top car. Marquez then went on to thank his team, sponsors and especially fans, for their ‘unconditional support throughout his historic campaign.

‘I’m very happy to be celebrating the title here, in my home town, with all of these fans who have come out despite the rain and snow,” said Marquez. “It is really beautiful and an honour for a rider to receive this level of affection from the fans. A day like this is enjoyable for everyone; a title like this one should be celebrated well, because it is hard to achieve and it belongs to the people here in a small way too. I am very grateful for their support and I see more and more people with flags or the number 93 shirt at every race; it is something that really excites me. I also want to thank the team, who couldn’t miss this party and who are the ones who made a season like this year’s possible.’