The latest tourism statistics show that Andalucia in total will receive just under 8 million visitors in 2012. To date from January-September, it received 6.2 million international tourists and is projecting the total of approximately 7.8 million for the year.

This is extremely encouraging bearing in mind the financial state of affairs in Spain and other relevant countries. It also shows that the Costa del Sol is very much alive and kicking as this receives the substantial number of tourists.
Our visitors for the first six months of the year in Andalucia generated €2.700 million which was just over 7% down on 2011 but 5.1% up taken over a 10 year average.

Out of all this income, the percentage of different spends under the holiday umbrella averaged 20% on transport, 26% on accommodation, just over 16% in restaurants or food and a healthy 22.3% on excursions. Package holidays accounted for just over 15%.
The average stay in a hotel was just over a week whilst others not in hotels averaged just over a fortnight. Malaga and its main sister airports accounted for 80% of visitors arriving with travelling by road accounting for just over 8%.

The main reasons for Andalucia as the choice for visitors in order are the climate, beach, cultural, monuments, family connections, price and nature. The main sports attraction is golf.

The breakdown of our visitors by home country are 2.3 million UK, 900,000 France, 860,000 Germany, 547,000 Scandinavia, Ireland 334,000 and the rest of the world accounting for 707,000.

Apart from our international tourists, Spanish visitors from outside Andalucia are still prevalent.

Spain Visitors
All the signs are that Spain will continue to attract our foreign friends and we must make sure that we receive them with open arms and look after their every need. We must ensure that we all work together as a team to make sure our visitors will come back again and again. Every company and concern is accountable to achieve this. CarGest recognises this and offers a warm personal and professional car hire service to its many returning clientele and extends this philosophy to new clients.


Recently a survey was undertaken in the UK to gain an idea of just how much it does cost to bring one’s own golf clubs on vacation. It also included the incredible so called “extras” budget airlines charge for other “services”.

Holidaymakers travelling on budget airlines faced soaring fees for just taking a single bag on the plane and more for golf equipment.
The research covered Aer Lingus, British Airways, Cityjet, Jet2, Flybe, Monarch, Ryanair and Thomson.

EasyJet raised their charge for a bag from £28 last summer to £32 this year whilst Aer Lingus increased theirs from £24 to £36 return. However, a Money survey of budget airlines and-on charges showed that it can cost over £100 to take your golf clubs. On top of this, the necessary insurance to cover damage increases the total even more.

Ryanair was the highest cost airline for bags, credit card fees, name change fees, flight exchange fees and fees for taking on special sports equipment such as golf clubs. They introduced a new high season rate of £70 for a 20 kg bag to go into the hold. The airline now charges £100 return to carry golf clubs which is even more than the cost of taking oneself on holiday! The other airlines surveyed were found to be charging between £50 and £60 on average.

The next cost relating to a golf holiday is that of car hire. Most of these airlines now have partner deals on car hire which were found to be mostly poor value.
Apart from the actual financial considerations to be taken into account, without doubt the most problematic issue is the stress caused when at the airport. There is always an underlying worry , apart from damage, in that extra charges will be imposed on golf club equipment, luggage, administration fees etc. The tests undertaken for example, showed that the total add-on cost for a one week return flight for one person this summer to Malaga was from £34 at Thomson rising to £82 at Ryanair.

Credit card surcharges are another worry. The Office of Fair Trading in the UK found that consumers spent over £300 million on payment surcharges to airlines in 2010 and more last year. The government has indicated it would ban excessive card fees from the end of 2012. Nevertheless, in the meantime, all these factors just add more and more stress to the traveller.

Golf club budget

There is no doubt, there is one way to alleviate these problems and that is by hiring golf clubs and equipment in advance at Malaga. There is one company that has been offering this service for the last year or two very successfully. CarGest Car Hire not only offer a professional rental service for their vehicles but also offer top of the range golf equipment that can be hired bth together at the same time. Because of their excellent past track record, CarGest is expanding this super benefit into the future.

To take full advantage of this stress relieving service, simply contact the company by telephone or e-mail as indicated on their website.

Golf Club Budget


Kids city in Malaga

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Who are the residents?

“First and foremost it is the children. This city has been made for and by them. They are the reason for its existence and they are its habitants. We are as citizens obliged to help the boys and girls with their education and learning to wherever possible provide them with a loving home”.

Charitable Campaign

During the month of December Cargest has initiated a campaign to help those less fortunate, orphaned children cared for by the Foundation Hermanos Obreros de María, who were founded in the 50’s in Granada, years later Malaga was selected as the second city as home to Kids city Malaga now existing some 37 years in our capital.

This Christmas message we are sending out to you and all our clients, is to let you know of our collaboration with this worthy cause and with your help during this upcoming Christmas season to give these kids a happy Christmas and hope for the New Year.

Our small contribution is but another grain of sand that gradually helps build a place for these children. We are not the only ones here in Malaga who have not forgotten them, the foundation and other incredible individuals whose aim is to give happiness to these unfortunate youngsters, who have as much right as anyone to see the a light at the end of the tunnel.

From our base here at the airport in Malaga we have started a campaign to collect toys, games and presents and we are going to donate 1€ from each rental contract during the month of December. All the collections will be given to the heads of the foundation at the end of the campaign, so that gifts can be given to the kids during the traditional King’s day celebrations.Should any client or friend wish to contribute individually to this cause, we will be happy to pass on the contact details such as telephone numbers and e mails.

As in other years Cargest have been patrons of and have collaborated with different charities at both a local level and beyond and this year God willing and within our capabilities we want to continue to help and contribute to put a smile on the faces of these children.


Hills clad in vine and olive groves, the back drop of beautiful mountains and the impeccable white washed villages make this trip absolutely worthwhile.

Setting out East from Malaga, one drives towards Nerja some 50 km away. It is worth pausing whilst in this busy tourist enclave, even though it has grown from its original small status as a fishing village. It still retains its charm and has much to warrant a visit before heading north towards Frigiliana.

Traces of Phoenician, Roman and Moorish settlements abound in its surrounding areas. But its main claim to fame are the spectacular caves that were discovered by some young boys from the town in 1959. The interior of its main cave matches that of the largest cathedral built by man. It is immense and is augmented by dramatic stalagmites and stalactites. There is a stage within the great hall where shows such as classical ballet are staged on a regular basis.

A visit to one of the Costa’s prettiest pueblos, Frigiliana

Within the town itself, Nerja is famous for its palm fringed promenade known as the Balcony of Europe. The town has a relaxing feel about it which is reflected in its Hotel Parador. This is beautifully located overlooking the Burriana beach prettily placed again with a special charm about it.

On leaving Nerja and heading up towards Frigiliana, the road winds through fields of sweet potatoes and avocado orchards. The Pueblo is only 6 km from the coast but at 300 m above sea level, it still retains its ancient character. With its traditional architecture and mosaic cobbled streets it has won many of Spain’s national and regional prizes for the best preserved and beautiful Pueblo. It is good to know that the local law protects this presentation of unspoiled beauty by banning any deviation from the traditional Andalusian build. Walking around the Pueblo and behind it, the site of the ancient Moorish fort can be found, commanding spectacular views out to sea and the mountains behind. All that remains are remnants of the old walls as it was razed to the ground over 400 years ago. It is interesting to know that one of the streets of Frigiliana is named after the leader of the Moors.

12 ceramic plaques sited around the Pueblo tell the story of the Moors making their last stand against the forces of Philip 11. These really epitomise the story of Frigiliana and the spirit shown over many hundreds of years.

Heading back to Malaga, one can take the road to Torrox. It passes close by the 3000 m high mountain that is El Fuerte and where the Moriscos made their last stand against Philip. There is a cliff of reddish bare rock where it is said many moors leapt to their deaths rather than be captured. In the first part of the last century, an old road nearby used to be busy every night with men urging their donkeys onward to distant Granada carrying their loads of fresh fish from Nerja to sell in the market there.

The Frigiliana to Torrox Road is beautiful particularly in February and early March when almond blossom is at its height. As the road winds along the ridges, the high Sierra’s soar and the steep hillsides sweep away with their olive trees and vineyards. There is a pleasant Plaza situated outside Torrox town Hall with cafes offering refreshment as a break on the trip back to the city.

CarGest car hire offer vehicles for rent to take advantage of this and other wonderful scenic drives. They will be delighted to give advice on many aspects of other sites to be seen on one’s travels.