The British Cemetery in Málaga has been inscribed in the General Catalogue of Andalucia Historical Heritage by the Governing Council under the category of Monument.

British CemeteryFounded by William Mark, the British Consul in Málaga between the years 1824 and 1836, the cemetery holds more than 1000 graves. It was the first to be constructed in Spain for the British colony. Before the cemetery, William Mark observed “with great disgust” how Protestants were buried upright on the local beach.

One of the first occupants of the cemetery was Robert Boyd a young Englishman who was killed when accompanying General Torrijos in his quest to instigate a constitutional regime in that area of Spain in 1831.

It’s now extends to more than 8000 m² and contains what many consider to be one of the foremost Botanical Gardens in Spain where unusual specimens of trees and plants can be found. There is a beautiful Gatehouse constructed in a Gothic style which for years was the home of the gardener. In 2005 it was renovated and now houses a small Visitors Centre. Within the grounds, there was a lodge temple, classical in style and where the cemetery guard lift. This was extended with its fine Doric columns in 1890 to become the present St George’s Anglican Church.

It is incredible to think that when constructed, it lay outside of the city walls on the road to Velez Malaga. At that time it was owned by the British government but is now the responsibility of the English Cemetery in Malaga Foundation. The president of the foundation is a former British Consul in Málaga and its formal registration was granted in July 2010.

The cemetery is a beautiful location to visit with much of the British involvement with Málaga contained within. Easily reached by car from Malaga where one can hire a vehicle of choice from CarGest, the leading car rental company in the city.


Plan to reforest Mijas

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19th July 2001: The village of Mijas is evacuated due to a devastating fire during which more than 1000 hectares of the Mijas Mountains was burnt.
30th August 2012: six municipalities within the province of Malaga were affected by the worst fire in decades, according to the investigation carried out by the pertinent authorities the fire was started from the burning of garden waste in the locality of Coin specifically in Baranco Blanco.

This fire burnt 8225 hectares and causing losses of some 9 million euros. Tragically in this last fire there was loss of human life, and our deepest sympathy goes out to
the victims’ families. In their first fire the Mijas authorities were claimants on the insurance policy of the insured claiming a corresponding part of the insurance which covers these type of tragedies caused by human negligence and augmented in this case by extremely high winds which caused it to spread alarmingly. Pure bad luck, in these moments is when we remember Saint Barbara, Saint Isidro and Saint Severino, the saints that pertain to thunder, the countryside and the rain for their intervention at these times.

According to reliable details from the Mijas town hall the department of the Andalucía government dealing with the claim has received the indenisation from the insurance company that relates to the first fire of July 2001.There has not been any official re forestation carried out in the last 11 years. ’There’s no rush’. Despite the loss to the natural surroundings, the disappearance of native fauna all of which cause seriously grave consequences to the eco system of the area.

After the initial panic of the moment and calm is restored the urgency for measures to be taken is shelved and no one presents a plan for re forestation, at least no one from ant official organisation as far as we know. But, just a moment… to say no one isn’t quite true…

Tree for born

“I felt very sorry about what had happened and I always thought I had to do something”

The Dutchman Rudi van der Zalm resident in Mijas with his family for many years, so much so that listening to him you perhaps hear a little more Mijeño than Dutch in his accent; says “as a nature lover I feel deeply about this type of catastrophe and as this being now where my heart is the only thing I am trying to do is give back a little for all that I have gained over the years from being a resident and citizen of Mijas village. On his own initiative he has formed a forum. To write about his labours since he began with his family to arduously carry water and young trees to plant and begin to re forest the mountains of Mijas will not do justice to the hard work and demonstrate his love of nature.

Up to todays date the help he has received has been from around thirty volunteers that have bit by bit joined in the work and who have week after week in their free time have returned to plant new trees that each of them provide themselves.

“The volunteers that form the group are not experts in this field we are simply worried about our environment and believe that not enough has been done to achieve the re forestation of the hectares of land that were burnt”. Our friend Rudi has been interviewed by various news medias, his personal campaign is gradually taking shape although unfortunately slowly, his good intentions and the progress of his project are at the moment are known locally, provincially and regionally but it’s needs to be heard by all.

Ecologists-associations-TV radio and press at a national level-hikers-sportsmenbusinessmen- ONG-official organisations such as Town halls tourist offices environment offices etc. etc.

His idea that the citizens adopt a tree is a good one, it doesn’t cost much, but Rudi’s dream is that at least once a week someone calls him to say “Rudi what time can we go to plant trees with you at the weekend… Do you mind if I go with you?” In fact the Mijas town hall has started to give him some help and has installed access to water in the area where the re forestation is taking place, which means a lighter climb for Rudi and the volunteers.

We applaud and congratulate these actions and will keep in touch with Trees for Mijas to ADOPT A TREE.

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PicassoIt seems like yesterday that the most famous artist of his time in the world left it in 1973 at the age of 92. Malaga has always been proud of the fact that Picasso was born in the city. It was certainly a big day when the king and queen of Spain visited to inaugurate the Museo Picasso during October 2003 to celebrate his life and works.

The museum is housed in the Palacio de Buenavista in the heart of the historic centre of Malaga under the beautiful backdrop of the Alcazaba Fortress and Gibralfaro Castle. It has been restored to its former magnificence and contains many of his most famous works and it is a real joy to wander round the building. There is also a wonderful library containing books of all his works and more besides. Outside there is a delightful cafe where one can partake of a coffee break or lunch. As an added bonus, just 5 min walk away from the museum is the residence where Picasso was born in 1881. This is situated close by the magnificent Malaga Cathedral in the Plaza de la Merced and again has been renovated to its former status. Opened in 1988, there are exhibition rooms as well as pictures and a view of how life was for the artist in his early years living in Málaga.

Picasso lived here on the first floor which was rented by his father from 1882 1883. Although they moved, it was not until 1891 that the family moved to Galicia where his father was offered employment.

Back to the museum, this has become an important research centre as well as a monument to the life and work of this incredible artist. It is also the headquarters for the Picasso Foundation. On the ground floor there is a spacious exhibition hall where one can see many interesting artefacts right from the beginning of his reign. Up to the first floor, there are many works exhibited not only by the artist but also by his father José Ruiz Blasco. Throughout the building there are many personal mementos of the Picasso family, particularly on the third floor where there is an expensive amount of material on the artist, his culture and his paintings and sculptures etc.

Apart from his many prints and ceramics, one can see much of his graphic art during the 40 years from 1931 to 1971. Together with some 3500 examples of contemporary art exhibited by over 200 other artists, this makes up much of the Foundation whose aim is to acquire more artworks each year eventually amassing the complete collection of Pablo Picasso’s graphic art under one roof to show in detail his different techniques and periods in sequence. Apart from the Picasso story, this old town of Malaga offers an incredible array of other unforgettable sights to be seen and really does make a day in the city unforgettable. CarGest, the leading car hire company in Málaga, is proud to be associated with this world famous artist.


What has a extremely popular reality show on television in the UK called The Only Way Is Essex got to do with increased tourism figures for the Costa del Sol? Well, everything. An episode or two featured the cast of the show spending time in Marbella. The great news for the resort is that its tourism numbers have risen markedly since the show was first aired last month.

Love it or hate it, The Only Way Is Essex has publicised Marbella to such an extent that it has left the people of the UK, particularly the younger set, lusting after a holiday to the area. Indeed, it has been noted that in particular, there has been an incredible increase in the number of Stag and Hen party bookings after the episodes were aired.

EssexThe stars of the show were seen having fun at a champagne party on the beach, cruising on luxurious yachts and then crashing out in beautiful villas with swimming pools playing an obvious prominent part. The fact that the stars preferred to stay in villas rather than top flight hotels has resulted in villa based holidays being sought after. Although The Only Way Is Essex group were seen having a good time it did show that groups of young single people can be well behaved and considerate towards the rental property. There already has been an increase in the number of people enquiring about holiday rentals on the Costa del Sol, particularly with regard to larger groups. This is a great market to attract if you are a home owner looking to let your property. You should have a good property management scheme in place and there should be no reason why these types of parties should not be encouraged as it can only result in a much needed income when the economy is at a low ebb.

Another super fact about this kind of publicity regarding the Costa del Sol is that it attracts enormous interest through social media sites. Facebook and Twitter saw an incredible flood of messages with nothing but compliments for Marbella, with many contributors stating that it is the holiday destination to go for. Many of these messages were aired during and after the show. Long may The Only Way Is Essex reign with the whole of the Costa del Sol benefiting from this super publicity.


Welcome to Eurovegas Madrid

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Eurovegas Madrid
Eurovegas MadridThe start of Eurovegas project continues sigh aspiring Madrid localities welcome her into their town. The authorities in Madrid are still waiting for the election by the promoter, the project of land more favorable for the construction of the second city in the world, governed by the gaming industry.

Casinos and slot machines go-go up in supermarkets and pharmacies, anything to do with gambling goes so that visitors do not miss a beat opportunity to gamble their savings, hoping to be “lucky in games…. “It is not a new phrase, it was made years ago when the rainbow was in black and white” … in love”.

 Undoubtedly, the county and township elected will offset jobs, Lots of visitors money topping up good dividends and raising inexorably their agencies taxes.

Eurovegas Madrid

Returned to snuff permissive in public places, total discrimination and favoritism by larger forces …, all employers have previously resisted to new regulations anti-snuff in public places and have been sanctioned for it, obligated to invest what is required on their premises and adapt it to not harm public health …

Eurovegas Madrid


At this time of the year, a trip to Granada is perfect. The main influx of tourists have gone leaving the city wide open for exploration and enjoyment.
At the foot of the majestic Sierra Nevada mountains, the location for this magnificent city was chosen where three rivers come together. The Beiro, the Darro and the Genil. It lies over 2000 feet above sea level yet it is reachable from Malaga and the Mediterranean coast in an hour.
Its most famous landmarks abound and wait quietly for the tourist out of season to visit.
The most famous of these is the Moorish citadel and palace of the Alhambra. It was declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1984 and is Granada’s most magnificent monument and one of the most visited in Spain.

Granada Tourism
Occupying a small plateau on the South Eastern side of the city, it is completely walled and consists of the Alcazarba, the most defensive Bastian, the Nasrid Palaces, other residential buildings and the gardens and orchards of El Generalife. The gardens reflect their exact Moorish design and are remarkable for their layout and romantic ambience. Most visitors make this their only destination within the city however, there is much more to see, to take in and absorb the wonderful hospitality of its people.
An area of the city to really enjoy these qualities is the Albaicin and neighbour Sacromento, with their fine backdrop of Moorish and Morisco edifices.
In the Albaicin explore the labyrinth of narrow streets perfumed by the smell of flowers, see the typical houses in the gardens hanging with ivies and bougainvilleas against whitewashed walls. Inside these beautiful buildings, take in their beautiful gardens and courtyards all exceeding and contributing to its fantastic colourful atmosphere.Granada Tourisme

Sacromento is famous for its caves which provide the backdrop to flamenco songs and dancing. Its main historical monument is its Abbey, where relics and testimonials of the first Christians of Granada are to be found.

Generally, the buildings of the rest of Granada are typically bourgeois in appearance with many of them dating back from the 19th century, together with Renaissance and Baroque examples.

Granada is also well-known for its prestigious university which has more than 80,000 students spread over five different campuses in the city. The students lend an air of fun and expectation which mixes well with the city’s past history. Tapas bars are rife as Granada is claimed to be the instigator of this Spanish cultural wonder. Indeed, one can still find establishments where a free tapper will accompany the drink which was the original idea.
So, hire a car from Cargest, make your way inland away from the coast and enjoy the most marvellous of days in the city of Granada.