Fire in Malaga

Or… were these the ideal conditions to be taken advantage of?

This week has seen the worst fires in Andalusia for twenty years; the devastation affected 6 municipalities within the Malaga province, Coin, Mijas, Alhaurin el Grande, Marbella, Ojen and Monda. Mijas is one of biggest municipalities in Malaga and 25% of its lands were affected by the blaze.

Residents from many areas were evacuated from their homes and were given shelter in churches and other public buildings for the night; this is estimated to be at over 5,000 people. The inhabitants of the village of Ojen were evacuated on the first night of the fire as it spread so rapidly towards the village, and many residents in other areas were on alert during the night as the wind changed direction and fire-fighters fought to keep control.

It is now thought that the fire was caused originally by a bonfire lit to burn garden waste but rumours have spread as rapidly as the fire its self as to points of origin and causes, speculation aside what the brutal truth is that there has been terrible loss to property, fauna and countryside that will take years to recover. At least one person died in the fire, believed to be a home owner who against fire fighters advice returned to his property. A further fifty people were injured many seriously sustaining burns to up to 70% of their bodies. All the emergency services were on high alert and even the military was called in to help in the frantic race to control the spread of the flames even further.

On the second day of the fire ash was falling and covering vehicles some 30 kilometres from the fire in Estepona. Full investigations are now under way following the trial of the fire to uncover the point or points of origin and cause or causes of the tragedy.

Fire in Malaga