Malaga Fair 2012

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Feria Malaga

Another year Malaga city prepares to celebrate its annual festival, which is known as the “largest fair in Southern Europe”.

Feria MalagaFrom August the 11th to 19th Malaga’s population leave aside the daily working stresses routine life and begin to enjoy it, traditionally fair lovers dedicate throughout the year big saving time not to be deprived on their festivities week. Even in crisis times, a nice walk through the day fair installed as usual in Málaga historic center, is enjoyable without unnecessary expense.

Colorful fantasies decoration fills the Historical center, striking scenery and lights, beautiful women wearing flamenco costumes crowed the streets with joy in a good festive ambient.

Malaga is an open city and welcome any visitor who comes, be cognizant of its festivity or not, nobody is a stranger in this land, the nature already of Malaga citizen are open, affable, communicator people, definitions of character and personality which is the 50% of good feeling and connection between visitors and Málaga natives, the other fifty percent is ” the Beauty of Malaga” influence.

Feria MalagaFeria MalagaActivities for everyone from 12.00 hours noon to 19.00 pm in the city centre, where friends and family meet for an enjoyable festive day, dancing, walking, listening to music, watch shows, bullfight etc.; At the same day hours at the fair ground (Cortijo de Torres) area, a route journey well signposted, distance covered with urban buses lines and large parking areas for those who prefer to drive, visitors can enjoy watching horseback riding, carriages typical adorned from head to toe as both the coach and the horsemen noble animals, spectacle worth watching and very entertaining, in the main streets of the “Real” (name given to the fair area) an obligated visit to the fair sheds to refresh and restore strength with the great variety of tapas and fried fish dishes as well as other regular restaurant menu.

And for the youngest one from 20.00 hours, there are endless attractions to ride and enjoy them together with mum and dad. This area of the fair is usually the most visited by youngest teenager and not so young people after the sunrise when the afternoon could down a little bit, usually the fairground do not close, it is up to each attraction activity, regular stop time after from 04.00/05,00 hours in the morning as the visitor is withdrawn to rest. And back again in a few hours.

Feria Malaga


London Olympics 2012

LONDON, ENGLAND (03/JUL/2012) .- Responsible for 2012 London Olympics safety are facing a new problem to place anti-aircraft missiles on residential buildings roofs, residents have filed a lawsuit.

Those are Literal wording of the “” web site.

London.- Scotland Yard and British Marines coordinated an exercise to “familiarize” the officers and soldiers with fictional “catastrophe” scenarios work facing the Olympics Games, which begin on July 27.

(This news has been publishing on “RPP” Multisports).

That’s all very well, installation of missiles in buildings roofs, soldiers and police working together in the dummy test disaster scenarios etc.

But what about the “thieves in the street”?, Without going any further yesterday July 5t h we had a telephone call story firsthand by a customer who called us to temporarily cancel a car reservation, having suffered a losses caused by theft of her Handbag containing; purse, documentation, mobile, etc., etc., burglary happened in the heart of Piccadilly Circus when was quietly sitting on the café terrace with a friend. According to this person whose initials stand for RSRH, two Romanian origin individuals (nationality confirmed by her hours later), came up to her table and launched into the air a handful of mini pamphlets, enough to create confusion and nervousness feeling while shouting in a mixture of broken English, “Give me 50 pence” repeatedly and in an aggressive manners after they refused to attend the demand of these people, while the second individual with extreme speed taking advantage gained by the attention of his partner clean the table of objects already previewed before the act; The result was: “Thieves 1 Citizen 0″.

LondonIt turns out that Marble Arch, which is a central area of London has been invaded by a large group of Romanians settled in tents, just weeks before the Olympics, ¿”cultural tourism”? ¿”Sport tourism Lovers”? ……….., London authorities can do nothing, apparently indulgence and human rights protect them and the English are very defenders of those rights. But, what’s about the rest of the whole world?

Apparently they will have to install more cameras with facial recognition software in public places where they do not infringe the rights to privacy and catch the thieves of whatever they nationality are, in the act and with his hands in the dough, to restore security so we can enjoy the party in peace. Sorry for those who have already suffered attack of “Olimpiadacacos 2012″ (Olympic-burglary 2012 virus), which undoubtedly had been caught by surprise.

Go from CARGEST our sincere encouragement and support to all victims of these unfortunate incidents and we hope the collateral damage that are caused in events such as London 2012 will see minimized with the help of law enforcement.



Reflection of a local car rental company at the beginning of the summer season been the sector affected by crisis of its country within a global economic crisis.

Fall car rental

Phrase, which makes tremble the bravest at this time, been.


Who would have thought that phrase and under what circumstance? We already think of some actions and visibly apparent behavior today’s
day, on the battle to be the “winner” they are climbing up very rapidly.

It is nothing wrong working hard to aim market share and better company position within the international tourist industry, in fact its compulsory for companies manager to try and do so, but, what price are we prepared to pay for it.

Companies do get rewards and mentions on business magazine when they progress and highlight on an appropriate logical way.

Sometimes it would be good to have a government executive committee to investigate companies economic projects, some of them to be call ghost project, sometimes projects comes disguised with garbage contracts jobs to hide the real purpose of such project.

No one buys products for 10p. And afterward and for an endless period of time sales them for 5p. We all know how powerful MONEY is, we also know that this country big fortunes are cautious and always a step ahead of the economical market situations news, ¡they all ways
play safe!.
Though sometimes there are real motorways invisible to the law eyes, which are routes for
submerged investment and interest pickup.

Judge yourself…………

From a deepest sincerity of those that with very little…. we get much, continue encouraging local companies to keep up their faithful work PRINCIPLES on sector benefit and the necessary efforts for the travel industry to enjoy and trust our professional and personal treatment to which we thanks faithfulness.


Spain, eurochampions 2012

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La roja la roja

The ribbon is in the higher level than ever before had been, how far they can reach, the enthusiasm they demonstrate and transmit. Even the international press once again praises the game and performing of the spnish squad advising the same practice for their own countries national team.

But the secret of the success of these athletes, not just agility, technique and discipline, that is visible to those skilled soccer knowledge, but the human quality each one of them has.

la roja


Malaga has been known since the time when radio was the principal medium communication as“the Beauty”. At that time Andalusian cities were given nick names, usually in accordance with the most remarkable feature of the Town.

It was a more romantic period that todays day. Old cities such as Malaga have an ambience which evoke emotions and given sensations of “déjà vu” whether they are natives, residents or visitors, the sound of a church bell, a distant view when everything is silent, the panoramic view of the sea with the sound of the waves caressing the shore, looking towards the surrounding mountain range with its white villages dotting the landscape, the countryside in different seasons, freshly ploughed or planted or ripe with crops showing the ancestral heritage of many years.

For those born and bred in Malaga it is the most ‘beautiful’ city hence its nickname though the view is biased it is also heartfelt. Discover it for yourself, have a well deserved break or escape.
Find the sentiments and emotions that the city holds. Even though reality can be confusing , Malaga’s prosperity has always been based on the fact that it’s few inhabitants have worked hard.


15 reasons to fall in love with Malaga and recomendations to make the most of your visit.

1. La Malagueta (playa y Plaza de Toros)
2. El Cenachero
3. La Farola
4. Teatro Romano / La Alcazaba
5. La Malagueña y Los Verdiales
6. El Biznaguero
7. El Pescaito frito
8. Espeto de Sardinas
9. “La Manquita” Catedral de Málaga
10. La Semana Santa malagueña
11. El Museo Picasso
12. Pueblos de Malaga (Nerja, Torremolinos, Fuengirola, Mijas, Marbella, Estepona etc.)
13. Basilica de Nuestra Señora de la Vistoria
14. Jardin Botanico “La Concepción”
15. La Biznaga

Not wanting to boast or gloat we are lucky to have one of the best climates which is always a great incentive for people to return to the area.
Cargest in whatever small way plays it’s part so that your visits to our city should you need us are available to give you our best service and attend your needs.