What is QR code?

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QR code QR Code (Quick Response Barcode), is a storage system. Similar as a two-dimensional bar code.
Created in 1994 by Denso Wave company, a Toyota subsidiary. Its creators ‘Eugene Damm and Joaco Retes’ strongly believe that this system allows content code read at high speed in a very short period of time. These two-dimensional codes are expanding and becoming globally popular.

The daily increasing of it amenities use is manifested in not having to enter data on the phones manually. The URLs addresses are increasingly becoming common for companies advertising in magazines and other Medias system ads. The use on business cards of QR code is also becoming popular; it does simplify and facilitates the task of entering data for new customers in our mobile phone book.

You can also read QR code from PC, Smartphone or tablet through the image capture devices, to activate it for reading can be used a scanner or cameras, application programs are needed to read the QR data and Internet access to get web directions.
Its code is open a very important detail. The Patent rights (owned by Denso Wave) does not apply, QR’s creator are not imposing the right of it use.
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The 26/27th of May it took place the 1st Cargest Golf Tournament at the “El Puerto Golf Club. (Link to see classification). All participants, family and friends had a fun weekend.

1er Torneo de Golf CargestThe wonderful weather, allowed family and friends to follow the competition and encouraged their favorite player motivating they best moments in the game.

There were very good shots, some of them so precise, that it reward and earned them prizes, the nearest ball to the flag in some difficulty hole par three and the longest drive both, ladies and gentleman.

All in all a great tournament in which, thanks to the success and good organization, we can probably enjoy it at its next edition with the participation of some United Kingdom team promising to they best preform to win the trophy.


Eurocup 2012 - Polonia y Ucrania
Euro 2012 Championship in its fourteenth edition will be played in Poland and Ukraine, June 8th will be the start date of the competition and its closure will take place on July 1st.
Spain has the responsibility to defend the title, enthusiasm is not lacking in the country, we are all in with the “reds” despite strong doubts as a result of physical low fitness and injury of some of the first team players, but still, despite negative sport specialists commentators opinions, all Spanish football lovers will be dreaming as everybody else, winning the cup.

The illusion and, why not! The ambition of being the first country to win a EURO cup twice consecutively EURO CUP – WORLD CUP – EURO CUP.

Well here is where most of the time people wakes up of a beautiful dream and return to reality… It has been only a beautiful dream.
Well ….Who knows!

But something that is in our hand and in hands of all the fans of this sport around the world is the desire and spread in headlines:

You are playing to compete and compete to win and be the best,
But, FAIR PLAY to all

Good luck to all and wish to win who better disserved.

Euro 2012 Poland and Ukraine


El Rocio 2012

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The pilgrimage to “El Rocio” (large country-side celebration) it’s celebrated every year in the local village of ALMONTE (HUELVA). Hundreds of thousands of pilgrims every year, from everywhere around the world start a walking pilgrimage journey, some of the pilgrims travel on horse others in different carts types, on wheels or carriages-wagons pull by horses or oxen to get to their destination, La Ermita del Rocio (El Rocio Chapel).

Ermita del Rocio

Every year, well organized and provided with good food supplies and other needs for long day’s trip, when this moment arrives as expected by the faithful pilgrims, they start a hard journey back to see their Paloma Blanca (White Dove).
This year the first fraternity to start the way to El Rocio was Cordoba fraternity association, who began the trip on Thursday May 17th. In total, there are now 20 fraternities that have started their pilgrimage to the almonteña village, from Almeria provinces, Cordoba, Malaga, Granada and Seville. On Friday, 18th Puente Genil and Malaga-La Caleta started, while Saturday 19th others seven subsidiaries from different places of these huge El Rocio’s fraternities, Lucena (Córdoba), Granada, (Malaga) and Fuengirola Malaga, along with those from Almeria, Seville, Écija and Osuna set off the trip. And on May the 20th Carmona (Seville), Jaen, Ronda, Estepona (Málaga) and Murcia also join in.

El Rocío

Prevention and road safety

Romero 2012 road safety plan has been activated to ensure the proper conduct of the pilgrimage to El Rocio, for the security of the hundreds of thousands of pilgrims who will travel on the next few days on the roads of Huelva, Seville and Cadiz to the almonteña village.
Strengthening prevention and safety this year marked the design of this special emergency operation that coordinates the Ministry of Internal Justice Affairs.
This emergency special plan, will be activate until May the 31st when all of the subsidiary’s 110 fraternities associations together with the ones from Almonte and Huelva should gone back and safety arrived to they origin association’s homes.

The Pilgrimage of El Rocio is one of the most popular and massive pilgrimages that ever exist. It concentrates more than a million devotees to this religious event in Almonte. You have to be fit and ready to go through a few days trip without the usual comforts of your home. Wear appropriate clothing, and transporting food and all necessary items to socialize with others, be on the right mood and the right attitude, get ready for lots of fun, especially prepared for a long journey that last for days.

pilgrimages to el Rocío


Yesterday started the “European Golf Tour Volvo Match Play” in Málaga province on its edition 2012. This tournament is hosted in the magnificent setting well-known as Finca Cortesin golf resort (Casares). The Pro-am event began last Wednesday with a Pro-am remarkably football and car race spirit, with famous guests on those other sports playing as, Heikki Kovalainen and Roy Hodson, a great day with lots of golf fun, it was a splendid day with good weather and a rather final disappointed news by the end of it. The sad news from the organization, that next year event will not renew the agreement that it has been celebrating it for the last 3 years.

Volvo World Match Play Championship 2012

However, we should enjoy this event and we are convinced that with all of the great professionals disputing the tour, surely it will be a great weekend of golf in Malaga province. Today also good weather with a pretty male windy breeze, but surely it will be another fun day.

It is not much further to go (at the end of May) for the “Benahavís Senior Masters 2012”, included on to the European Tour, where Cargest Car Hire is proud to be an official sponsor to it. Also this event will start with the usual Pro-am category where Cargest manager is participating introducing also a group of occasional collaborators and friend players. ¡Good luck!

Benahavis senior master 2012


Patronato de Turísmo de la Costa del Sol (Costa del Sol Tourist Board) and the owner of TravelTool platform Logitravel, have signed an agreement to incorporate Malaga’s other 600 travel agencies in to the TravelTool platform search engine.
This will increase international business share and will help agencies economic benefit of those most affected by the world crisis reception.
A great advantage for tourists as it will have a physical office on destination to receive personal attention if needed.
The new service is expected to be operating within 45 days, coinciding with the summer season, a time of booming tourism sector in the Costa del Sol, global reference for holiday’s maker.

Malaga Travel agents will be included in TravelTool’s platform Malaga Travel agents will be included in TravelTool’s platform


Repsol YPFRepsol YPF

Relations between Spain and Argentina became strained this past week after President Cristina Fernández de Kirchner announced that the Argentine state was to expropriate 51 per cent of the oil company YPF Repsol.

Cristina Fernández de Kirchner
The European Union and expressed support for Spain’s rejection to such expropriation action. Repsol through its chairman Antonio Brufau calls for 8,000 million euros to indemnify the action.

This direct attack on Repsol YPF nationalization has started big concern on Spanish investing companies, also has created doubts into the international investment community.

The British press described as the great detriment of foreign business interests and ultimately harm the economy because
this act will reduce Argentina’s attractiveness to international investors. Action that goes against the commitment that Argentina did in the G-20 wanted to promote transparency.
We believe that Mrs. Kirchner is not doing any favour to the Argentinians.

No intervenga YPF


Malaga airport

Finally, after about four years since work began on the second runway of Malaga Costa del Sol airport, the AIRAC in its official publication airline reports its next launch, to responsible traffic control, air pilots and other personnel asset for the functioning and development of the new airport expansion. Once started, the activities will gradually increase their use, depending on the airport demand and its sources.

Malaga airport is the fifth in Spain with two or more runways.Expected for its opening is at the beginning of the summer high season, last week of the month of June. All security systems are completed and staff training as well as some improvements and final tests.


2012 London Olympics

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London 2012

London 2012 Olympics its already here. Despite the world economic crisis, it an influx of visitors expected in these Olympics games is worthy of mention, London is always news head line, but a sporting event of this magnitude makes it the biggest shop window to advertise and display products to enhance commercial accounts and get results that allow a greater share market position among global elite competitors in the transportation sector.

The responsible body for organizing a great event of these dimensions and characteristics in London finished the arduous task of negotiating the contracts available to hire the necessary services to enable the Olympics development.

One of the biggest worldwide leading brands of the motor industries, has invested heavily in promoting their products majestically, BMW presents its great range of products offering them as mode of transport to the organization of Olympic games 2012 in London, meeting the transportation needs of athletes and other auxiliary services of the organization.

BMW ActiveHybrid 5
Units and models of BMW vehicles participating ceded to the organization of JJ.OO. London 2012:

BMW Serie 1 ActiveE – units: 160
Mini E – units: 40
Mini Countryman Cooper D – units: 200
BMW 320d EfficientDynamics Edition – units: 1.550
BMW 520d EfficientDynamics – units: 700
BMW ActiveHybrid 5 – units: 20
BMW X3 xDrive20d – units: 17
BMW X5 xDrive30d – units: 10
BMW F650GS, R1200GS y R1200RT – units: 25
BMW Streetcruiser Bicycle – units: 400

The return expects on sales by BMW, is comparable to the effort of the macro investment they’ve made, perhaps sales will be center in Asian countries, enhancing the brand image.

BMW Enduro Mountain Bike 2012BMW R1200RTBMW serie 1


Fuengirola, crowned by the “Castle of Sohail”,its most famous monument, was built as an Arab fortress in the time of Abderrahman III. One of the most popular among turistic visitor on Coast line of Málaga province, together with other cities as Torremolinos Marbella and Mijas, been also at the same time quiet and cosmopolitan.

Fuengirola International Festival Day 2012
The past 28th of April to the 1st of May has held the eighteenth edition of the Inetrnational multi-culture Festival, “Día de los Pueblos”, attracting thousands of visitors during its celebrations days.

It is a pleasant an amazing experience to visit all diferents world cultures in its Fair ground. Taste “sushi” in a Japanese ambient, or have lunch in Poland, go to Morocco for a nice cup of tea, snack down in Bulgary or supper in Argentina, try Mojito in Cuba or dance in real carnaval ambient at Brasil social club. All this it is possible thanks to the fantastic organization of the municipal coorporation organism of Fuengirola Town Hall.

Acording to the evaluation rated of the eighteenth edition of this International Festival, it was a success in terms of volume of audiences generated, despite struggling this year with the economic crisis and bad weather.

Fuengirola International Festival Day 2012Fuengirola International Festival Day 2012

The following are representative of the different countries participating on this 18th edition:
Andalucía, (spanish region) Alemania, Argentina, Asturias, Australia, Brasil, Bolivia, Cádiz, Colombia, Cuba, EEUU, Egipto, Extremadura, Francia, Finlandia, Galicia, Grecia, Hawai, India, Irlanda, Italia, Japon, Marruecos, México, Noruega, Paraguay, Perú, República Dominicana, Rumanía, Uruguay y Venezuela.