April Fair

One of the most popular Fairs in Spain, if not most, is the April Fair in Seville. The Real as it is called the heart of the Fair area, once again full of colours and a unique ambient as years after years with lots of traditional costume “(Solera)”.
To Highlights first all beautiful women, with their stunning outfits which highlights even further enhancing the natural beauty that is increased in these days, walking with pride through Seville street those Seville’s flamenco dresses.
Joy everywhere, social life and celebrations without stop, no brakes, is the result of a traditional cocktail and sympathizers of Seville April Fair mix for an unforgettable week.

Feria de AbrilFeria de Abril


Once more the 32nd FITUR tourism fair edition, was celebrated at Madrid exhibition center, this fair event its considerate the second main tourism exhibition worldwide.

Fitur 2012

Cargest stand at the Junta de Andalucía Business Center area was a successful event. We accomplish our working agenda, meeting individual professional agents and tour operator agencies, also public exposure of all of our product and prelaunch offer.
Fitur 2012
Our Star product presentation was the unify prices “Package Price” for Car hire and first brand golf equipements, ¡DRIVE & GOLF!, also a great success.
Due to market’s demand of Drive & Golf, Cargest has increase the number of golf sets, the innovation and popularity of this package its beginning to become very rapidly a fantastic and appreciated product money value for its comfortable light travel and the non-damage risk for clients own golf set, plus saving the cost of extra luggage checking.

Fitur 2012

Such innovation success as a result of the new product launch, made us reflect and value the investment involved on the purchase of more Golf equipment and also the presentation of the new product in the ITB Berlin Fair 2012 held in German, from the 7th to 12th of March, where once again we celebrated the success if not better, compared to FITUR tourism fair result. We have expand trade relations with new partners in the tourism sector.
Ampliando las relaciones comerciales con nuevos socios colaboradores del sector turístico.


Some photos from our files of events held in the Costa del Sol
This Photos selection represents the closure and trophy delivery of 1st Benalmádena City Tournament held in Torrequebrada Golf Course facilities and sponsored by the Municipality of Benalmádena Town Hall.

1er Torneo Ciudad de Benalmadena

1er Torneo Ciudad de Benalmadena


This phrase “Fair Play” is applicable in terms of Honesty, Professionalism, Ethics, also to companies that draw a line of work and do not vary, following a line without crossing the limits, with if it`s raining, or shine; companies that highlight hard work, than new trends as “You get for what you pay for”, which it is understandable to certain point…., but what is not acceptable is, charging twice or even three times a petrol service to compensate car rentals low prices offers.
Reference: Sunday time “Travel / News”
by: Chris Haslam


The next 25th, 26th and 27th of May, the Club de Golf El Puerto, (Puerto de Santa Maria) in the province of Cadiz is hosting the first CARGEST Golf Open Championship. (Scoring for the Classification of regularity)
This first edition is sponsor by CARGEST, and the collaboration of CRISOL GOLF CLUB, at the home Club de Golf El Puerto in Costa Ballena (Rota-Cadiz). Ideal place to celebrate this event with the guarantee of the joy of all participants, family and friends we hope to have a good golf weekend.
Since its launch, the idea of this golf tournament has consistently attracted more followers of this sport, that every day increased the number of players in our country.
The Crisol Social Golf Club with Cargest collaboration organized some of these events for the enjoyment of its members and friends, sports activity that are slowly making its way to the provincial level in this sector and acquiring more relevance among golfers.
We take opportunity to up load this news event in Cargest social networks to encourage customers and friends who play golf, to enter the competition. We recommend the Hotel Playa Bella Spa 4 star for the weekend, special price agree if you enter on the competition. Please for those interests on it contact our sales department before April 30 for more details.

1st CARGEST Golf tournament


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