FITUR 2012

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Last week saw the 32nd international tourism fair ‘FITUR’ in Madrid this is one of the largest tourist fairs in the world, it was opened by the Prince and Princess of Asturias.

The Andulsian sector was well represented and one of the most attended as always, Andalucia is a popular destination for national and foriegn tourism and there was an increase of foriegn tourism to the ares of 3% in 2011, an increase that is expected to continue in 2012, the rise in British tourism has been estimated at some 8%.

Cargest’s stand at the exhibition was within the Junta de Andalucia section as they are registered members of the Andulcian tourist department, they were very busy attending tour operators, agents and brokers as well as the general public with a view to improving and expanding their services. As pioneers within the car rental sector new products and ideas are always in process and the hire of golf equipment as a new complimentry service proved to be of interest for both professionals and the general public at the exhibition, indedd why not as it saves not only time and effort but money for golfers visiting the ‘Costa del Golf’. Great packages for combined car hire and golf club rental are now on offer. Cargest were in London for the tourism fair recently and will be in Berlin with the Andalucian tourist department soon, Andalucia has so much to offer for all types of holiday and Cargest offers many services to suit different tourist requirements in this growing tourist industry.


Cargest at FITUR 2012

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From the 18 to 22 (inclusive) CARGEST will be available at the International Tourism Fair 2012 (FITUR) in Hall 3, C-08, Table 11.

We are located in the Stand Malaga Costa del Sol Tourist Board of Malaga. You can see all about our car rental services and golf equipment for Malaga, guaranteeing our quality and commitment to giving the best care. Learn how CARGEST cares about the environment by incorporating into its fleet hybrid cars and ecological low-polluting.

See you at Fitur 2012!


beach alternatives

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We all look better with abit of a tan but it’s so easy to overdo it when your holiday and regret it after wards, especially if the kids get sun burn so this just gives a few ideas of activities along the costa del sol to have a day not sunbathing or indeed on one the occaisional rainy days when the kids are bored. Also when we have families with over to stay with younger ones its good to have some ideas to hand of places to go, most kids do love the pool and or the beach but with all the dangers from sunbathing time out in the sun needs to be controlled and damage protected against.

Megabowl  Marbella: Open all year round the family can bowl together on the first floor of the Cañada shopping center. Check opening times as these may vary tel:952903370

Butterfly Park: this is in Benalmadena vilage next to the buddist temple which is easily spotted from miles around there are over 2,000 different species and always new species to see on every visit.

Tivoli World: Tivoli is only open on weekends during the winter but offers entertainment for all ages from shows and rides it is situated in Arroyo de la Miel very close to the Benalmadena train station.

The castle monument of Christopher Colombus :Open daily in Benalmadena village this is the largest monument dedicated to columbus and is in the guiness book of records for its small chapel.

These are but a few ideas hope they may be of use I’ll add more in the future for family trips out and about on the costa del sol.


bargin hunting

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We all like to save money and grab ourselves a bargin whether thats in the good old annual sales or at any other oppourtuinity throughout the year. In such a comercialised world that we live in today competition is rife in all areas of the market and price wars mean its well worth consumers being on the look out for the very best deals. I’m all for this but never at the loss of quality, a bargin is a bargin, a cheap imitation or alternative to any said product is not. In the service industry many prices are at an all time low and where companies can make a difference is on the attention to detail,and quality of services they offer perhaps even the offer of complimentry services to give thier company an edge. Cargest is one such company and always offers impeccable customer service and attention to detail and is always looking to give that little bit more to its customers, keep an eye open for regular offers and promotions on the web page.

I have  joined up to some of  the ever more popular web pages offering special discounts for limited periods of time and have been really pleased with the discounts I’ve already enjoyed, these have been from cut price meals out,health and beauty treatments and household items, now when travelling I check out the offers for the cities I’ll be visiting to see what ‘s on offer and of course to make those all important savings because really why pay full whack for something you can get a great discount on from time to time.


Quarantine rules

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From the first of January 2012 UK quarantine have changed and are at last more relaxed to be more in line with the rest of Europe, long seperations and expense kennel costs will no longer apply making both easier and cheaper for pet owners to travel with thier animals. My family took thier dog back from Spain to the UK a few years ago and the poor animal had to spend 6 months at the quarantine kennel, thank goodness this is no longer the cse as it’s unfair to dog and owner. All animals will have to be vaccinated against rabiea but will no longer need a blood test and will now only need to wait 21 days before they can travel. Stricter rules will still apply for countires outside the EU. Pets were before made to have a tick treatment before travelling and this had to of been applied within 24 hours of them leaving the country of origin this is not necessary either under the new rules but as it’s always a good thing to have done whatever country youlive in or maybe travelling to.

I think these changes are well over due and wish happy hols to petsand owners from now on!