Merry Christmas

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Cargest Staff wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy new Year 2012


Though most spanish homes will have a christmas tree many will also have a nativity scene set out aswell some of these are very intrcate others more basic but all very interesting as not only is it  the stable scene but also a depiction of village life in Bethlem and the telling of the Christmas story. It is always worth visit the public nativities -’Belenes’- as the detail and the work involved is incredible, you will often have to queue to see some of the main ones. Christmas eve is traditionally when spanish families gather together for a meal but present giving is done on Epiphany or three kings following the bible story of when the three wise men gave their gifts to the baby Jesus. Many childrens presents however are now given on Christmas eve as the children then have longer to enjoy the gifts before returning to school. Local processions take place on the 5th with floats taking the three kings round villages and towns  and sweets are thrown for the children (and adults if you wish to join in the forray) Well worth a visit to Malaga center on the 5th to see the processions and get involved with the atmosphere.

New Year families gather for a meal and will then share the twelve grapes together one to be eaten on each stroke of the twelve chimes for midnight- if you want to try this look for the smallest grapes you can! If you manage to eat them all it brings good luck for the coming year, many people will gather at town squares to to this to the chimes of the local clocks and it is a really great atmosphere. After this the parties start so pace yourself and be prepared to keep going all night if you can and breakfast on some chocolate and churros before heading home!

Happy New Year everyone


National and local bank holidays

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So as you dont get caught out, whether resident here on coming over on holiday it is good to know of the national and regional holiday dates. Most areas will have local holidays too but these are set by the individual councils and need to be checked with the local areas many may not be actually announced until just before the celebrations.


!st New years day-as this is on a Sunday in 2012 the 2nd is also a national holiday in lieu.

5th twelfth night processions of the three kings

6th Epiphany


20th carnival

21st shrove tuesday

22nd ash wednesday

28th Andalucian day

28th -5th March ‘white week ‘ school holiday


19th -saint Joseph- spanish fathers day


1st palm Sunday

5th Muandy Thursday

6th good friay

8th easter sunday


1st labour day


15th feast of the assumnption


12th spanish national day

1st all saints day


6th constitution day

8th Immaculate conception

25th christmas day


Christmas in Cargest

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Yesterday night, Cargest celebrated the employees’ annual dinner at the Restaurant La Cañada, at Torremolinos.

It was, as usual, a very funny night, with all colleagues in their best clothes, getting together to celebrate the end of quite a difficult year ….

The dinner was excellent and at the end of it, we had a raffle with gifts for all of us, as another courtesy of the house ……

We are all looking forward to receiving this New Year 2012, which, we indeed hope, will bring plenty of work for everybody …


Spain Lottery

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Today is a special day for the great majority of Spanish. This year the first prize at Christmas lottery has been shared by many families. Hopefully the rest of the awards will also de shared and that many families that are having currently financial problems, might get a help with these awards. Good luck from Cargest Rent a car.



New government in Spain

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rajoyIt is a relief tohave a new government in our country, it seems that it is a group of people quite prepared for their task and gives the impression of a well balanced government. We know that it will not be easy for them, as it is not easy either for spanish citizens, so it is our humble desire that they should work hard and they pulse should not shake when taking decisions, always looking toward the general good.

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Dubai Golf Championship

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Álvaro QuirósLast week, the Dubai golf tournament was held, last year’s event of the European Tour 2011 race to Dubai. Event scoring for the World Cup starring Luke Donald (English), world No. 1, and No. 2, Rory McIlroy (Northern Ireland), dropping the balance finally to the English side, however, and as luxury spectators in the latter championship, were the Scot Paul Lawrie and Spanish (Cadiz) Alvaro Quiros whom was finally the brilliant winner of this year.

Congratulations Alvaro, and by maintaining that level, you will for sure be soon competing for the top places of the world championship.



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Christmas discount

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Recycling Christmas

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My previous posts have been on three different subjects, this brings all three together though unintentionally. Being against Christmas hype before December I was however looking forward to the traditional Christmas illumination of my home village. This year it’s not to be, political changes within the town halls of villages throughout Spain, not just locally, have made cut backs to the lighting budgets and have not put up Christmas lights as in past years. Although at first disappointed I am now convinced because as an alternative villages have made displays of recycled ‘trees’ these range from being made from painted tin cans plastic water bottles, used gun cartridges and old footballs, all of these in this case are situated throughout the village of Mijas and are well worth adding to a tour of the village. Most are of over 2.50 meters and are proving to be quite an attraction. Cleverly planned and executed by groups of locals of all ages they also enhance the feeling of community and joint effort at this time of year, showing the importance of recycling and the talents of the local people. Mijas has it’s ‘tapas’ route in the summer and now as a new addition a Christmas tree route which also encourages visitors to explore the whole village rather than just the main central areas.

If you do want to see some Christmas illuminations however then a visit to the center of Malaga is a must, the main Alameda Avenue and Calle Larios are beautifully decorated and evoke a traditional Christmas spirit. A stroll along the main avenue in the direction of the bullring will take you to the stalls set out especially for this season selling traditional childrens outfits and every kind of nativity accessories one can imagine to tempt you to make your own nativity scene at home, as well as gift ideas.

Happy Christmas one and all.


Algeciras (Cádiz)

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Located in the southern part of Europe, Algeciras is the key point of maritime communication routes between the Mediterranean and Atlantic. Its port, the most important in Spain, supports nearly 90% of the traffic with the African continent.

Its name comes from the Arabic al-Hadra Yazirat the “green island”, the island that was off the coast. It could also come from Al yesair (“islands”). This name was given in 711 by the first Muslims arrived in the Iberian Peninsula.

History Brush

On the shores of a bay facing the Rock of Gibraltar is Algeciras. From the Arabic Al-Yacirat-Aljadra meaning Green Island, Algeciras was in Muslim hands until 1342, when Alfonso XI conquers Algeciras.

Twenty years later, Mohamed V, King of Granada, abandoned Algeciras after the reconquest, but completely devastated. In 1704, coinciding with the loss of Gibraltar, the city returns to be populated by many of those who left the Rock. Algeciras, for centuries, maintained a great strategic importance as a shipping port between Africa and Spain.

In 1755, Algeciras establish its first council after getting segregated from San Roque council, and barely a hundred years later, in 1850, the city had all the characteristic features that predicted a future human settlement. Algeciras had become a Military Headquarters and had a civil hospital, the aqueduct was built that provided them with drinking water, and had three churches. Steps were also taken to build a port.

Currently the port is one of the largest in the Mediterranean, both in fisheries and transport of goods and passengers. All this has made a modern city of Algeciras and constantly evolving.