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Mayoral of townhall
Sra. Dª. Toñi Claros Atencia

Geografic dates:
Coordinates for GPS
• Latitude: 36º 45’
• Longitude: -3º 57’
• Surface: 51 km²
• Altitude over sea level: 120 m
• District: Axarquía
• Distance to Málaga: 51 km.
• Middle temperature during the year: 18,2 ºC
• Residents: 17.303
• Next villages: El Morche, Huit, Competa, Frigiliana, Nerja, Vélez Málaga, Sayalonga.

Geografic location:
Comunity borders to Competa in the north, which is about 14 km away. In the northeast you find Frigiliana and in the east Nerja, which is less than 10 km away. In the south you find the Mediterranean sea and in the west the comunity Sayalonga with its lakes.


His name seems to come from the arabic turrux, which means tower, but his origen was long before the mohammedan invasion.
On his right side you find the embouchure of the river Torrox, just around the lighthouse, where they discovered a roman town, which had its cenith in the 1.-4. Century. It seems that its origen was a primitive public.

Long before the romans, the phoenician were settled in this place like in other points along the Malaga coast. This certify scientits about their presence in spain. The discovery of this roman town, which was called Claviclum, we owe to the lighthouse guard Tomás García Ruiz.


Torrox was captured by the Katholic Kings on 29th of april 1487, short after the acquisition of Vélez-Málaga, but the victory didn´t come until the following year.Torrox, next to Nerja, was recaptured of El Zagal one year later, but you can call it a short heroic deed. The Christian troops recovered it hardly at once.