Mayoral in townhall
Sr. D. José Antonio Gómez Sánchez

Geografic dates:
Coordinates for GPS
• Latitude: 36º 34’’
• Longitude: 4º 51’’
• Surface: 86 km²
• Altitude over sea level: 309m.
• District: Sierra de las Nieves
• Distance to Málaga: 67 km.
• Middle temperature in year: 17.1 ºC
• Residents: 2.949
• Next villages: Marbella, Monda, Istán.

Geografic location:
Ojén is a village in the province of Malaga in Andalusia. In the neighborhood are: Mijas in the east, Marbella in the south, Istán in the west, Coin and Monda in the north. Ojen is located at the creek of Almadán, that leads a lot of water, and is surrounded by the Sierra Blanca (White Mountains). The area is rich in minerals such as iron, lead, nickel, talc and dunite.
The district stretches from the Sierra Blanca to Sierra Alpujata, sloping down to the river beds of the río Real and río Ojén, and to the city limits of Marbella and Mijas.


In the Middle Stone Age, this area was inhabited by the Neanderthals, who were nomads. In the early Neolithic period, there were first settlements, as discoveries show, found in the cave Cueva de Pecho Redondo. Even Roman presence in Ojen is identified; under them, agriculture was commercialized.
At 1500 AD in Ojén lived 104 inhabitants, of which 100 were Muslim and 4 Christians. The Council of Ojen wad constituted and which led to a demarcation of the village. Ojen is subordinated to Marbella, the City Council appointed a civil and criminal jurisdiction. The king banned the presence of Muslims within a mile of the coast and so many residents of Marbella moved to Ojen to settle. This measure has been taken to prevent the cooperation of the Muslims of Turkish and Barbary pirates.