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Malaga travel guide

Malaga monuments

Malaga Monuments

Malaga has always had an important international role as a resort town of Sun and sea for decades, mainly from the 60s of last century. Today the city is taking more relevance in the so-called cultural tourism, the opening of the Picasso museum by 2003 its help.

Malaga’s municipality Town Hall and general popular support, especially public and private organism representations, manage big efforts to change the balance slightly in favor of increasing the educational and cultural tourism, which is gaining ground little by little revealing Malaga’s Monumental and ancestral legacies that past civilizations that settled on their land left behind.

It is noticeable every day the increasing number of foreign and national visitors walking through the city streets, in all different seasons of the year. As those more adventurous visitors, traveling along the province, using their own transporting way, or engaging the services of any car rental company of the Coast. In fact our firm as a service car rental company, received many requests for alternative routes than sun and beach, drifting towards cultural tourism and information about province inland not as well known to popular levels.

Today’s day, any small Málaga municipalities town keep their relics investing time and money in their rehabilitation and maintenance. The legacy given to us is too important. The caring and show the world, is almost bound mission since it has influenced the way we are and our culture. Cathedrals, Churches with their museums and monuments, castles, fortresses, convents, different styles palaces, from baroque to the contemporary styles, landmark buildings, etc...

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