Mayoral of townhall
Sra. Dª. Antonia Muñoz Vázquez

Geografic dates:
Coordinates for GPS
• Latitude: 36º 22’’
• Longitude: 5º 15’’
• Surface: 35.30 km²
• Altitude over sea level: 128 m.
• District: West Costa del Sol
• Distance to Málaga: 97 km.
• Middle temperature during year: 18 ºC
• Residents: 14.346
• Next villages: La Chullera, San Marín del Tesorillo, Casares

Geografic location:
Manilva is situated in the province of Málaga in neighbourhood of Cádiz province. Its urban area extends from the mountains to the coast and its vineyards cover the gently rising ridge. And over the ridges of the Martyrs, extends the village of Manilva. Over its entire history can be found fishing and agriculture as the main activity, including particularly the cultivation of grapes and the production of a particular must, which is famous in the area. In the east you find the town of Estepona and in the north Casares. Manilva's coastline stretches from northeast to southwest over a distance of 7.8 km.
In 1528 King Carlos V ordered the construction of a tower, the Salto de la Mora. Years later, in this site were about 50 neighbors settled and they formed a village "Cortijo", the origin of today's Manilva, in the mountains of Martyrs. Up to this foundation of the "Cortijo de Manilva in 1530, which was always subordinated to Casares the need had passed, to colonize the land on the coast, in order to protect themselves from the attacks by African pirates, who had already been depopulated coastal areas. The Duke warranted many land to the settlers for the recolonization of Casares.


In October 1796 Manilva was granted, by royal decree, the concession to found the town, which definitely separated it from Casares and gave it its own local rights.