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Málaga : Malaga Museum

The museums are located in Malaga inseparable part of their tourism, being the Picasso Museum and birthplace both cultural mainstays malcitense capital. However, one should not ignore the more than 20 museums with very different etiologies that coexist in this province.

With topics as varied as Flamenco, Science, Religious art, aviation and music, museum activity to grow in Malaga continuously with a former Tabacalera new center will host a museum of international significance, with the presence Natura Art and the Royal Collection, among others, which soon would join the Museo de Arte Carmen Thyssen-Bornemisza.

Malaga museum display presents an impressive and very well structured to follow it, starting the walk from the Paseo de Reding at number 1 is the MUPAM, the Municipal Heritage Museum in Malaga, versus "Malagueta" where the " Museo Taurino de Málaga ". According to the Alcazaba find the Museum of the Kasbah "Alcazabilla street next to the Palacio de la Aduana be hosted shortly by the" Museo de Bellas Artes de Málaga ". Next to this we find the Cathedral, containing the Museum of Malaga Cathedral and in the same area in the Plaza de la Merced, "The Museum of the Birthplace Foundation," taking a few meters the Picasso Museum Malaga .

Museums are cultural wealth of peoples, part of its historical, ethnological and artistic reflection of their work in the centuries, various cultures that settled there.

Museo Picasso

It was opened in October 2003 and it was possible to create such a museum thanks to the initial donations of the heirs of the master Christine and Bernard Ruiz-Picasso.
It consists of 204 works of different genres plastic, techniques, seasons and styles that Picasso practiced, used and embodied during his career.

Picasso Museum of Málaga is the engine that pulls cultural tourism in Málaga and the Costa del Sol. It has been the principal supporter of the cultural heritage of Málaga when recently the agreement of " Two cities with lots of Art " was reached with the city of Madrid. Through this agreement, both cities will carry out promotional and commercial activities in order to promote and sell visits of each-other museums.

Picasso Museum is allocated in the cultural heart of the city, next to Palacio Buenavista, headquarters of Picasso Museum of Málaga, located in a privileged area of downtown Málaga, where you will find much of the best cultural offer of the city. Nearby is la Alcazaba ( Casbah ) and the Anfiteatro Romano de Málaga ( Roman Amphitheater ), the museum of Fundación Pablo Picasso in the Plaza de la Merced ( La Merced Square ), close to the Cathedal, and the museum Sacro de Santa Ana and the Catedralicio. Beside, next to la Alcazaba entry is the Palacio de la Aduana, actually in rehab, and which will be the future Mueseum of Fine Arts of Málaga.

Museo Picasso

Buenavista Palace is a sixteenth century manor house, sent up in 1530 by Diego de Cazalla, Regidor de Málaga. For many decades it has been the landmark of Málaga, essentially its location and amazing views from the lookout tower. It has received over the centuries various modifications and applications as Teaching, furniture factory and hospital.

La primera actuación para reformarlo acaeció en manos del Museo de Bellas Artes, en los años 50. En 1984 se acomete otra importante reestructuración siguiendo las recomendaciones de Juan Temboury, por Enrique Atencia Molina. La actual ampliación, obra de los arquitectos Richard Gluckman, Rafael Martín Delgado e Isabel Cámara, ha sido una obra que se ha prolongado durante años. La aparición de distintos hallazgos arqueológicos ha producido importantes cambios en el cuidado desarrollo del espacio. Esta ampliación recoge y se integra en los estilos anteriores, sin dañar en absoluto su estructura y conservando así su carismática forma. Por otra parte, se ha procurado dejar visibles al público los restos arqueológicos, como restos de la original muralla fenicia de Malaka.

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