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Malaga travel guide

Malaga gastronomy

Malaga Gastronomy

There are sets phrases in all countries over the world and of course there are sets phrase for every situation and moment, some can be adapt and even translated, others can only be explain its meaning, This is a Spanish phrase:

(Con Pan y Vino se anda el camino)
With bread and wine you walk the way fine

Malaga’s province cuisine is very varied and rich, the city almost surrounded by mountains, where there is lots of wild small animals living in it, such as developed a cuisine based on goat meat, rabbit and hare, stews presented as the main course, or cooked condiment it with garlic, these cook dishes are more expanded on the inland white villages of the malagueña province.

But certainly the popularity of local Mediterranean food it grows on the coast line, with its well-deserved reputation of the fried fish dishes. Also recognized worldwide is the "Mediterranean diet", attributing healthy and great delicacy qualities. The truth is that lot of each of the comments and compliments attributed by worldwide professionals and food experts it’s showing to be benefit to health and very appropriate for diets. Talk about rice dishes, Paella is the queen of all, originally from the Albufera area (Valencia), here at Málaga1 province, disclosed other varieties of Paella; Paella Marinera-Paella Seafood and Mixed meat- inland into the province, the soup rice casserole with meat – Paella rice with rabbit – Paella made with ribs and chicken - rice with lean pork, more recently black rice paella was introduced using the squid ink to colour it, all of them based on an initial base of the famous Paella Valenciana.

Malaga’s traditional cuisine dishes are also offered at internationally renowned restaurant, introducing it as special Malaga dishes menu, one of the most popular Málaga dishes is the "gazpachuelo", a kind of soup with boiled potatoes and mixed with delicious mayonnaise giving a white color and as an options selection of white rice and prawns, whitebait or just with simply potatoes.

Talking about fried fish takes us to the "chiringuitos" beach bars, scattered around all Málaga coast line it attached to the delicious grilled sardines, cooked in the typical fishing boats stuck in the sand and sizzling heat of the wood.

Any coastal town of the province offers visitors a selection of restaurants with Local, National, and International, menus for all different tastes and habits, the incredible diversity of nationalities not only vacationers, but foreign residents living in the Costa Sun enriches Málaga cuisine.

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