Mayoral of townhall
Sr. D. Esperanza Oña Sevilla

Geografic dates:
Coordinates for GPS
• Latitude: 36º 32’’ 30’
• Longitude: 4º 37’’ 30’
• Surface: 10 km²
• Altitude over sea level: 6 m.
• District: West Costa del Sol
• Distance to Málaga: 30 km
• Middle temperature during the year: 18 ºC
• Residents: 71.783
• Next villages: Mijas, Benalmádena, Marbella.

Situated 30 km in the southwest of the city of Málaga, the village Fuengirola borders to Benalmádena in the east and Mijas in the west. In the south you find the mediterranean sea.


Fuengirola was founded by the phoenician, although before they believed that the first settlement was of iberian. The most important presence was the roman, which called the city SUEL. In Fuengirola, which was an important city of the federation, the roman left some monuments of their culture, like the baths, the villa of a states-secretary or los Saladeros de pescado (saltfabric for fish) which were discovered in the mountains monte del Castillo.

After the 5th century the area was engaged by the vandales and before by byzantium, the villa stood empty, for unknown reasons. Most of the monuments were destroyed by a seaquake, obligatory demolition for new buildings in the mountains, return of piracy or by the hordes of visigoths.

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