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Estepona : Museum Estepona

Municipal Museum of Estepona

Municipal Museum of Estepona

The city offers a five museums complex classified by different topics: Archaeology - Paleontology – Bullfighting - Ethnology - Corominas.

Archaeology. - The oldest remains back date to the Paleolithic age exposed, about 100,000 years ago, consists of a number of useful carved in stone. We shall find Neolithic, Copper and Bronze Ages evidence, such as pottery, polished stone axes and others epoc remains.

At the Ethnohistory Ethnology exposition we can observe how our ancestors lived in the area, also we can enjoy several rooms including audio-visual room, restoration and laboratories. This section of the Municipal Museum features an exhibition of more than 2000 objects, all of great ethnographic interest.
- miniatures Hall, with scales reproductions.
- agriculture room, planting tools, mowing, threshing, beekeeping, etc..
- Fishing room, see several different types of boats miniature, fishing
gear, tackle Panels, knots Panels cabinets, etc…

Municipal Museum of Estepona

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