General Information

Cuevas del Becerro

Mayoral of townhall
Sr. D. Joaquín Esquina

Geografic dates:
Coordinates for GPS
• Latitude: 36º 52’ 35’’
• Longitude: 5º 2’ 42’’
• Surface: 16 km²
• Altitude over sea level: 725 m.
• District: Guadalteba
• Distance to Málaga: 97 km.
• Middle temperature during the year: 20 ºC
• Residents: 1.771
• Next villages: Serrato, Cañete la Real La Parchite

Geografic Location:
Cuevas del Becerro is one of the smallest villages in the province of Málaga, situated in the district of Guadalteba. In the local area you find the main road and a creek with the same name. This builds the north entrance of the Serranía de Ronda (hills of Ronda) and its city is the smallest of the whole area.
Three points of reference were the key to deduce the source of the cueveños. At first the Fuente del Zorro, the west slopes and north of Cerro del Castillón and in the northeast border of the Cerro de las Palomas, all these points nearby the village, where prehistoric finds were discovered.

Además de las huellas del asentamiento Romanos encontrados, como el de los hornos del "Alfar Romano", o "Las Casas de las Viñas", y en el que se han encontrado cerámica, teselas, estucos y monedas.

Cuevas del Becerro

Also found traces of the settlement by the Romans, as the furnaces of "Alfar Romano ", or "Las Casas de las Viñas" in which ceramic vessels, mosaics, stucco and coins were found. These informations, together with a study of the strategic location of the population, we can reconstruct the story, where Cuevas del Becerro, was a key step in the geography of the Serrania de Ronda, for the transit of people and goods. Like lots of other places with their legends, the legend of Cuevas del Becerro tells u show the city got its name from a Golden calf which was found in one of its caves in the north of the city.