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Cuevas del Becerro

Cuevas del Becerro : Museum Cuevas del Becerro


Rafael Alberti Cultural Center serves as a museum and exhibition hall, as the picture "October Picassian" on permanent display.
Address: Virgen Pilar street, 3 – Cuevas del Becerro
Phone: (+34) 95 216 2002

Rafael Alberti Cultural Center

"San Antonio de Abad" Church

It is a simple building construction dates from the early XX century, with single main body cabin and belfry.

The Vines Houses "Las casas de las Viñas"

It is a ancient site located near the town Footbal pitch, rich in ceramics, tiles, stucco and coins remains. It evidence the Roman empire epoc, it show’s remains of potter's workshop, two furnaces are well identify, it kept fully defined as such and part of a third one where the ceramics found at the time whore produced.

cuadro Octubre Picassiano

Bridge of Birth "Puente del Nacimiento"

Cuevas del Becerro is the local river resorce birth place,where water flowing from the ground, its fresh water spring is located near the village, The area has been enabled as Leisure comnunity zone. The water strength with which the spring flows, travel along the municipality supplying water to the Guadalteba.

Puente del Nacimiento

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