Mayoral of townhall
Sr. D. Gabriel Jesús Clavijo Sánchez

Geografic details:
Coordinates in GPS
• Latitude: 36º 43’’
• Longitude: 4º 39’’
• Surface: 105.12 km ²
• Altitude over sea level: 151 m.
• District: Valle del Guadalhorce
• Distance to Málaga: 17 km.
• Middle temperature in year: 17 ºC
• Residents: 22.173
• Next villages: Doña Ana, Aljaima, Santa Rosalía. Pizarra, Almogía, Coin.

Geografic location:
Cártama is located in the province of Malaga. The convenient location, the proximity to Malaga and the Costa del Sol and its excellent connection by road and rail, have made Cártama become a community with greater capacity. Attractive for residents and business, for investment in business initiatives.


The village is very old and has its beginnings at the time of the Phoenicians. and had then. In that time it already had an important function, when the Phoenicians settled in the territory of Malaga and moved to the inland. When they came to Cártama, they found inhabitands in commerce. After a while they worked together and called the place Carhta, which means, as hidden place. Later, in Roman times, the city experienced a golden age, over six centuries and was called now Cartima.

After the Romans Cártama came slowly under the leadership of Goths and Arabs. The Arabs built the castle (Castillo) and the city wall (las murallas) that turned the village into a major bastion for the protection of Malaga.
These ruins still exist. In the Middle Ages, the city changed its name into the still valid name Cártama, which comes from the Arabic.