General Information


Mayoral of townhall
Sr. D. Jesús Manuel Galeote Albarrán

Geografic dates:
Coordinates for GPS
• Latitude: 37º 03’
• Longitude: 4º 51’
• Surface: 188 km²
• Altitude over dea level: 461 m.
• District: Guadalteba
• Distance to Málaga: 86 km.
• Middle temperature in year: 15 ºC
• Residents: 8.641
• Next villages: Teba, Sierra de Yeguas, Martin de la Jara

Geografic location:
Campillos is a spanish city in the province of Málaga, in the comunity of Andalucía. You find it situated in the northeast of the province, in the district Guadalteba and in the sovereign territory of Antequera. Parts of its city before belonged to Peñarrubia, but this changed in the seventies because of the building of the embalse de Guadalteba (barrier lake). Its city extenses over cornfields and Olive plantation, including also some lagunas populated by flamingos and storks.
Campillos was founded in 1492, authorized by the Catholic Kings. King Carlos II, gave Campillos the privilege of adjudication on 6th of november 1680, excluding Teba (which had the authorisation until then) and was called cabeza de partido judicial (the head of adjudication) in 1821.


Some archaeological discoveries belong to the prehistory, found in some hills around the city. In the castle they discovered rests which attest the settlement of ibero-roman. They found pottery ruins and coins. Also three capitals, found in Moralejo, attest that an enclave of Visigoths passed some time there. But although they discovered so many archaeologic finds, there is no documentacion about the foundation of Campillos before the 15th century.