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Malaga travel guide

Malaga beaches

Malaga Beaches

Malaga and its Coast offer excellent diversity beaches around its coastline, and its good climate make it one of the best world tourism deals. The climate of the area makes it a enviable paradise, sun and beach almost 365 days a year, with combinations for all holidays maker sectors other than sun and beach tourism. - Beach-Sport (in its wide range of sailing activity, surfing, wind surfing, jet boating, fishing, swimming, etc...), and Cultural visits, Leisure and Relaxation, or Events celebrations under the blue Mediterranean sky.

There is more than 160 kilometers of beaches in Malaga province coastline, divided into 15 municipalities that are home to an infinite number of beaches open to all demanding swimmers visitors, miles of sandy beaches, small coves with clear water, beaches with seabed for Scuba-diving practice and we could go on describing these wonders of nature, where the hand of man works to facilitate disabled access and other general services provisions for the enjoyment of residents and summer holidays maker use.

Malaga has a beach widespread internationally culture, indeed easily to get just to it and enjoy it, famous well known “beach-bars” (restaurant on the beach-shore), offering "fried fish" portions and international menu, all wash down with the typical "Sangria Jag" or Beer served in frosty mugs and especially the "Espetos of sardines" with delightful tasty cooked traditionally in the sand barges where they stick the sardines skewers while they cook on wood and charcoal.

Some of the popular municipalities have managed to develop around their most prolific beaches, promenades walk-path next to beach-bar terraces and develop beautiful urban complex enhancing the area where visitors can witness the singular Mediterranean sunset that it can be seen from any spot on Malaga coastline.

Beaches and Coasts Directory

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(La Mezquitilla Beach)

(Arroyo hondo beach)

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(Fuente de la Salud Beach)

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(Malapesquera Beach)

(Tajo de la Soga Beach)

(Torremuelle Beach)

(Torrevigia Beach)

(Playa Ancha)

(Beach Arroyo de las Cañas - Valentín)

(Beach Costa Natura - Arroyo Vaquero)

(Beach El Cristo)

(Beach Casasola)

(Beach Bahía Dorada)

(Beach el Padrón)

(Beach El Saladillo)

(Beach La Galera)

(Beach La Rada)

(Beach Playabella - Guadalmansa)

(Beach Punta de Plata)

(Beach el Ejido)

(Beach Las Gaviotas )

(Beach Los Boliches)

(Beach San Francisco)

(Beach Santa Amalia, El Castillo)

(Parador Golf Beach)

(San Julián Beach)

(Misericordia Beach)


(San Andrés Beach)

(La Malagueta Beach)

(La Caleta)

(Baños del Carmen)

(Las Acacias)

(Beach El Candado)

(Beach El Chanquete)

(Beach of El Palo)

(Beach Fabrica de Cemento)

(Beach of Guadalhorce)

(Beach of Guadalmar - San Julián)

(Beach of Huelín)

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