Arriate : Monuments

St. Juan de Letran Church

Founded in 1510 during the pontificate of Julius II Pope, the first data from the Arriate parish, dating from 1629;it was at that time when Francisco Hernandez and Andres Balberde both carpenters, gave life to its original shape. The church was rebuilt in 1976, until 1978, from its original former work has not survived anything, is entirely new building and its interior is a rectangular craft shaped, which has a wooden roof covered in two water sided.

San Juan de Letrán church

Senior residence "San Jose de la montaña"

Of visitors interest Arriate Senior Nursing Home is the "Glorieta de San José". A beautiful building situated in number 45 of San Jose street., It was donated by the Marquis of Moctezuma, to ANA PEREZ JOSEFA FLORIDO the founder of the congregation, "Mother Petra", Founded in 1900. The Mansion or “Solariega Mansion House” as it was called then, was remodeled and adapted to the needs for their new roles.

Residence San José de la montaña