Ardales : Monuments

Castillo de la Peņa (Castle Rock) and the Church Convento de Capuchinos (Convent Capuchin)

There still remain the ruins of the medieval Fortress Castle from the IX to XVI century. And a Mudejar church of the XV century, which still contains an impressive paneling and several baroque chapels.

Castillo de la Peņa

Turon Castle

Built in the thirteenth century, is a military building that had a great impact in the border war between Castillejos and Grenadines. At this present Its entrance is inaccessible.

Castillo Turon

Other Ardales Monuments:

Church of Nuestra Sra. De los remedios (our Lady of Remedies) - the Puente Romano de la Molina - Chapel of Our Lady of Villaverde - Caminito del Rey - Chapel of the Incarnation - Fortress Turon The Aguilillas Source - Cave of Doņa Trinidad or Ardales Caves - Mudejar Church - Turon Castle.