Rincón de la Victoria Golf Courses

Rincon de la Victoria with a surface of 27.5 square kilometers is one of the wealthiest areas of all Malaga provinces, according to the analytical study carried out by the Unicaja (one of the biggest saving banks of the country) financial analysts Group.

'RinconIt extends along the Mediterranean coastline, but despite the influence by the proximity of the neighboring municipality, its appearance is totally different in landscapes and flora.
The municipality of Rincon de la Victoria offers other alternative to Sun and beach tourism, the traditional and essence of they roots, remain latent in Benagalbón, the interior core of the zone, which along with Benagalbón Tower and the Cala del Moral, both located on the coast, their contribution to the development of tourism and the economy of the area, its crucial.

It has a population of 40.339 inhabitants according to INE (National Statistics Institute) census 2008. Its neighboring municipalities are: Totalán, Monclinejo, Macharaviaya, Velez Malaga and the capital of the province, Malaga. It has little annual rainfall and keeps an average temperature of 18º Celsius and 2980 hours of sunshine a year.

The gastronomy of the place is well known for the superb quality of its fish, highlighting the Boquerón Vitoriano, present in the annual celebration of September gastronomical festival day in the area. Others popular dishes are; espetos de sardines (sardines fish Caine skewers, cocked on the beach), ajoblanco and gazpacho Andaluz. The natural fresh fruit as the breva (kind of figs), the chumbo (cactus pear), figs and grapes are highly appreciate in Malaga Province.

- There are four urban transport lines which gives service in the area:

line-1 Benagalbón / Centre commercial Rincón de la Victoria - line-2 and 3 C. C. Rincón de la Victoria / Cortijo Blanco - line-4 DC Rincón de la Victoria / treasure caves.

- Málaga Area, Metropolitan Consortium Interurban Line Transport:

Bus Route
M160 Málaga/Rincón de la Victoria/Cotomar
M161 Málaga/Totalán
M163 Málaga/Los Rubios
M166 Los Rubios/Rincón de la Victoria/Los Rubios
M260 Málaga/Velez Málaga
M261 Málaga/Benagalbón/Moclinejo
M262 Málaga/Benagalbón/Almáchar
M361 Moclinejo/La Cala del Moral
M362 Málaga/Nerja (by Torre de Benagalbón route)
M363 Málaga/Torrox (by Torre de Benagalbón route)
M364 Málaga/Periana (by Torre de Benagalbón route)
M365 Málaga Riogordo (by Torre de Benagalbón route)

Road communications to Rincón de la Victoria, are excellent:
The network coast road through the A-7 connects Malaga and its airport, Rincon de la Victoria, Vélez-Málaga and Almería. Also the MA-24, which it links Malaga through the N-340. And inland the road network completed with; MA-3200, which communicates Benagalbón Rincon de la Victoria, following the MA-3119 to Moclinejo, and the MA-167, connecting La Cala del Moral with Totalán.

Añoreta Golf Club is located in a privileged area, very few of its 18 holes offer a background of the mountains showing their natural environment area of its countryside, the remaining greens are like balconies to the Mediterranean Sea, a paradise having fun playing golf, and a complete relaxation environment.