Car Hire Malaga Airport Fair fuel policy

Fair fuel policy
With us you will not pay petrol money in advance

Our Petrol Money Policy is paying back our honesty and is proving the only straight business way for car rentals fair play. With Cargest just return your car hire vehicle with the same amount that you received. The following Car Rental prices are for Malaga airport bookings only.

Cargest, refuses to charge upfront petrol to its clients. As it is well known by all users of the car rental industry, particularly in tourist areas, different companies (usually the low cost rental) have entered, since a couple of years ago, in a dynamic of charging the petrol in advance at an exorbitant price and do not return the unconsumed. We think that this action is close to illegality, as the petrol price for car rental increases as fast as rental price starts to fall, particularly in periods of lower occupancy.

In Cargest, we believe our business is not to take profit out of the fuel price, firstly because we are not petrol stations and secondly because we are not paying in any case the taxes according to the fuel taxes. Therefore logically we must insist that anyone willing and being able to get profit with fuel can do it easily by opening service stations throughout the Spanish territory, but the car rental companies, whether large enterprises, medium or family / small, we must dedicate to our business: provide a car rental service to fulfill the expectations of our customers.

Remember that very often in recent times "cheap price" is not always synonymous of savings, as it happens in other transport sectors, and as an example: if a taxi from Malaga airport to Marbella costs about 67€ (only one run), how a rental car (Ford Ka or similar type) for a period of 7 days including unlimited mileage, full comprehensive insurance and taxes of 21%, can cost 56€ ¿?

Would not it be more logical to clearly inform the customer what is the real cost of the service, instead of increasing twice or more the final rental price, with the usual tricks that are so much disliked by the consumer?