Malaga car rental special rates

Malaga car rental special rates

MALAGA, is a main tourist destination in South Europe, being in strategic place due to its geographical location and the proximity to large European cities, it is focal point for airlines, cruise and general transport. The largest passengers influence to the Costa del Sol are national tourists and most of them use the car as a main travel transport, to highlight travelers arriving by plane, the majority visitors comes from United Kingdom mainly, from the following cities:

-London with approximately 930.000 passengers
-Manchester, around 300,000 passengers
-Liverpool, Birmingham and Nottingham, 150,000 passengers

To follow by Germany, highlight cities as:
-Frankfurt, 125,000 passengers
-Berlin, 90,000 passengers
-Cologne, Bonn, Munich and Hamburg 40,000 passengers approximately.

Also to highlight visitors from others destination market as Holland, France and Ireland. The Irish market has the Costa del Sol as a first main holiday destination. A very important market pillar, are Scandinavian countries with highest average expense per tourist, we value equally each and every one of the tourists, which ever country they come from.

Although important factors as the beaches, climate and gastronomy, are determinate on making Malaga a holidays locations decision as our wonderful destination, we must also take into account that new technologies is the natural tendency of customer seeking a place for a holidays, this marketing tourist medium, therefore in these moments is the best investment to maintain the hegemony to others Malaga and Andalusia competing destinations, such as the South of Portugal and other many emerging areas in recent years.

On our yearly visitors numbers line 10,000,000 visitors coming to Málaga province; it is not an easy task to keep it. It is essential to retain all new visitors customers on their first time visit and this is in every one hands, to work hard to reach the task offering good friendly service, and most importantly keeping the good competitive prices relationship that has always identified us.

CarGest as touristic transport car Rental Company without driver allows client independency mobility and help tourists reaching any destination within the province, thus supplying the lack of public transport in some routes and location. Being a enterprise local familiar business, we believe that the best investment that we can keep as our main target is customer loyalty, our future strategy must by concentrate around it. However we must not forget the rest of tenders direct and tourist complementary offer as culture, leisure, Golf, etc. a unification of all tourism sectors especially sponsored and support by the different administrations responsible, is very important.

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