Car Rental terms and conditions

No charge is made in advance for fuel

Cargest will make a blockage on the client’s credit card with one of the minimum amounts stated here below in order to cover events not covered by the insurance, such as: breakage by misuse or disappearance of elements inside the vehicle, fines, any incident with Spanish Administration, etc. This warranty expires automatically after 15 days ( depending on the bank ) from the date of the blockage. If the client contracts all the insurances that are not covered, it will not be necessary to block the franchise.

A,B,C,D,DA600 €3 €/day
E,E1,E2,EA,F,F1,FW800 €3 €/day
FA,FH,G,G1,GA,HS,HSA,IS,IX950 €4 €/day
H,H1,HA,J,JA,I,IX1000 €4 €/day
L11400 €5 €/day

Payment terms: 25% Deposit to confirm the reservation. Remainder is payable upon collection of the vehicle.

The price includes:
- Unlimited mileage.
- Full risk insurance with excess *.
- Second named driver free.
- Local taxes (incl. 21% VAT).
- 24-hour road assistance.
- Free shuttle service Malaga Airport.
- Car Pick up or Drop-off during office hours : Every day from 08h30 to 21h.

Not included in the price:
- Fuel: We offer a 'Like for like' fuel policy.
- Refuelling service: 12.10 € (TAX included) (excluding the amount of fuel to refuel)
- Hotel delivery or return: 24.20 € (TAX included) per service, maximum distance covered being 20 km from Malaga airport. For longer distances, please request further information.
- Additional driver 2.42 € (TAX included)/day
- Baby seat (2- 4 years) 3.63 € (TAX included)/day, maximum price 36.30 € (TAX included) per rental.
- Booster seat (from 5 years) 2.42 € (TAX included)/day, maximum price 24.20 € (TAX included) per rental.
- Maxi Cosy (0-20 months) 4.84 € (TAX included)/day, maximum price 48.40 € (TAX included) per rental
- Snow chain 2.42 € (TAX included)/day, maximum price 48.40 € (TAX included) per rental.
- GPS 4.24 € (TAX included)/day, maximum price 60.50 € (TAX included).
- WIFI module 5.00 € / day (TAX included), minimum € 35 per rental (TAX included). Maximum use of 30 Gigabytes / month. It includes rechargeable battery.
The maximum prices reported are for rentals equal or lower than 30 days. For longer rentals, the maximum price plus a daily cost (maximum price divided by 30) will be applied.

- Car Pick-up or Drop-off out of 08h30 to 21h hours, there will be an additional charge of :
a) 24.20 € (TAX included) per service from 21.01 hrs to 01.00 hrs.
b) 36.30 € (TAX included) per service from 01.01 hrs to 04.00 hrs.
c) 48.40 € (TAX included) per service from 04.01 hrs to 07.00 hrs.
d) 24.20 € (TAX included) per service from 07.01 hrs to 08.29 hrs.
Should you wish to return the car in other city with a CarGest office, please contact us.

- Visit Gibraltar additional charge per day: 6.05 € (TAX included).
- Visit Portugal additional charge per day: 12.10 € (TAX included).

- In general, damages to wheels, tires and broken or damaged glass are excluded from the full risk insurance. It is possible to purchase an all-inclusive insurance to cover these risks at an additional cost (cost depends on the car model).
* The excess is the maximum responsibility per accident of damages caused to the car body.

In addition is never covered by insurance:
1) Expenses caused by refuelling the incorrect fuel type (minimum payment of 181.50 € (TAX included) depending on car model), broken accessories, keys, child seats, warning triangle, etc.
2) Damages caused by dangerous driving or by the driver when driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs or any other similar substance.
3) Driving off-road and damages under parts of the car.
4) Damages made to the interior of the car.
5) It is forbidden to smoke inside cars. A charge of 50€ (TAX included) (minimum) will be made for anyone ignoring this.
6) Missing parts inside and outside of the vehicle, including the car keys.

- A valid driving licence must be presented at the time of collection.
- There is a minimum rental period of 3 days. For rentals below that amount of days, the price of 3 days will be apply.
- The minimum age for the driver is 23 years for groups A to G and 25 years for the remaining groups. The driving license must have been obtained at least 2 years prior to the rental.
- FINES: In case of fines, the rental company will charge you 40.00 € administration charges per fine.
- It is strictly forbidden to take the rented vehicle out of the territory indicated in the contract. If you do not comply with this rule without prior notice, you will be charged 400 euros.
- A valid credit card must be presented at the time of collection (Visa, Master Card and Eurocard), irrespective of the means of payment. Debit card, American Express and electron are not accepted.
- Our tariffs can be modified at any time without notice. This will not affect confirmed reservations.
- Any animal that is carried inside the vehicle, must go inside a suitable transport cage.
- In the event that you need to make any claims regarding damage or loss of your luggage at the airport, please inform our representative within 50 minutes of the flight landing. If you do not present yourself, we will assume that you have missed the flight and not informed us.
- Under these circumstances please call our office on telephone number (+34.952.173.520) so we can send the shuttle bus to our bus stop to pick up you up. If this happen out of office hour, please, ring this mobile number: +34.678.482.699 or +34.670.622.550

- Where the booking is made by telephone, the booking is subjected to our terms and conditions.


This conditions will may change without notice.

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