Cancellation Policy


All reservations canceled with, at least 72 hours in advance ( for high season , Christmas and Easter ) and / or 48 hours in advance (for low and medium season ) respectively and prior to delivery of the vehicle booked in advance, will not get any charge, even if the booking has been confirmed. The cancellation of a reservation can be made by sending an email to Cargest SL ( to the attention of the reservations department ) or by phone .
When the cancellation process is done by phone (+34 952 173 520 ) through the reservations department , make sure you have all the necessary information, including the reference number of the booking in question.
If the cancellation is made after the above delays , the customer must pay 25% of the total amount of rental.

The NON APPEARANCE unannounced to Cargest SL ( the client does not appear on the day and time agreed in advanced booking ) to collect the vehicle booked , the client shall have no right to a refund of prior payments made.


We provide an protection insurance for cancellations, which can be purchased at the time of booking, guaranteeing you this way 100% refund of the amount paid in advance of the reservation in question , regardless of the reporting period or the date of cancellation thereof , except in the event of NON APPEARANCE.

The price of this service is € 1.50 per day, with a minimum charge of € 4.50 per rental (21 % VAT not included).


You can modify, for free, all the details of your confirmed reservation, for example :
- Change main driver details ( *) .
- Change group or category of vehicle (** ) .
- Delivery and / or return of the vehicle in a different address than originally agreed (*** ) .

(* ) Changes concerning main driver details are always free, except in the event that the age and length of the driving license do not meet all specified on the general conditions of hire .
(** ) Changes of group or category of the car are always subject to availability of such a car. Once the change will have been confirmed, Cargest shall apply the new price corresponding to the new car reserved and booked.
(*** ) The delivery and / or return place of the vehicle can be changed at no charge providing the new address meets the requirements specified on the general conditions of hire . If the changes are further away than expected , it will always be subject to service availability and to the corresponding amount.

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