Kids city in Malaga

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Who are the residents?

“First and foremost it is the children. This city has been made for and by them. They are the reason for its existence and they are its habitants. We are as citizens obliged to help the boys and girls with their education and learning to wherever possible provide them with a loving home”.

Charitable Campaign

During the month of December Cargest has initiated a campaign to help those less fortunate, orphaned children cared for by the Foundation Hermanos Obreros de María, who were founded in the 50’s in Granada, years later Malaga was selected as the second city as home to Kids city Malaga now existing some 37 years in our capital.

This Christmas message we are sending out to you and all our clients, is to let you know of our collaboration with this worthy cause and with your help during this upcoming Christmas season to give these kids a happy Christmas and hope for the New Year.

Our small contribution is but another grain of sand that gradually helps build a place for these children. We are not the only ones here in Malaga who have not forgotten them, the foundation and other incredible individuals whose aim is to give happiness to these unfortunate youngsters, who have as much right as anyone to see the a light at the end of the tunnel.

From our base here at the airport in Malaga we have started a campaign to collect toys, games and presents and we are going to donate 1€ from each rental contract during the month of December. All the collections will be given to the heads of the foundation at the end of the campaign, so that gifts can be given to the kids during the traditional King’s day celebrations.Should any client or friend wish to contribute individually to this cause, we will be happy to pass on the contact details such as telephone numbers and e mails.

As in other years Cargest have been patrons of and have collaborated with different charities at both a local level and beyond and this year God willing and within our capabilities we want to continue to help and contribute to put a smile on the faces of these children.


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